Skiing And Pregnancy

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Val Desire - December 12

Practice for now but Europe , hot chocolate , a little wine , fire place , hot tub , sounds like the place to do the trying .


sr - January 1

i went skiing yesterday and i feel a few times due to some icey spots.and some of them were hard falls. do you think that i am in a major risk of losing my baby. im 3 and a half months pregnant. and how do i know if i have endangered it?


feferq - January 11

What about snowshoeing? We want to go at the end of Jan (8wks at that point) but I hear stuff about not getting your heart rate up. I have asthma and a hard time breathing with extreme cardio and wonder if this might be too much? Why do you need to watch your heart rate???


Jane203 - January 12

To sr - A sure way to know if your baby is OK is to have an ultrasound. If you can't afford it or your insurance won't cover it (you might be able to convince them it's medically necessary because you fell, you don't have to tell them how...) please make an appt with your OB to discuss the issue. You probably won't be able to relax until you know. Best of luck to you.


Jane203 - January 12

I am an avid snowboarder and was very much looking forward to a hard-charging season. I found out i was pregnant in the beginning of December and because i had a miscarriage in 2005 my doctor told me no aggresive excercise in the first trimester. But i just pa__sed the first trimester mark so guess what i did today? Snowboarding! I did fall a couple times, easy falls landing on my b___t and popping back up again. But the snow was really hard, and there was a lot of mild jarring just riding, so it made me wonder if this is really OK. I don't know much about pregnancy or how delicate it all is. I guess i need to talk to my doctor...


sr - January 13

Thanks for responding. I went to the doctor yesterday as my first check bc i didnt know i was pregnant for 3 months. But i went to the doctors and i heard my baby and its healthy..the doctors said that since i was still in my first trimester when i went skiing the baby had more pretection then it does now. We went on a skiing trip last weekend and i decided to stay and go shopping which was just as much fun..Im so excited to know that my baby is healthy.So if you think that you shouldnt go skiing if you know you are going to fall hard then i suggest you dont. But if you really want to talk to your doctor it will make you feel much better if you have opionions from someone who really knows. Good luck with everything.


Jane203 - January 14

sr, that is awesome news about your good checkup! I talked to my doctor yesterday, too, and she me the cons as listed in this thread, but said that i really needed to use my judgement about how confident i feel about being able to stay in control and decide for myself if it's worth the risk. For me it is, but i'm a risk-taker i guess - i ride motorcycles, too. :)


sr - January 15

Thats good. Yea its totally up to you and your judgement. Shes right. Hope that everything is good, and hope that you have a fun ski trip. HAVE FUN!


climbergirl - January 20

My doctor says to continue doing anything you are used to. I have been skiing and everything. I am a rock/ice climbing and now at 37 weeks I am still climbing. I was ice climbing 3 weeks ago and everything is fine. just be careful. don't let all the pansy's scare you into sitting on the couch... think of our fore-mothers 100's of years ago lugging wood and working in the fields and doing hard mannual labour up until the day of birth. a little skiing sure won't hurt you!


Wombatgirl - January 20

From what I've read, it seems like it's safe to ski or snowboard on well-groomed greens (and avoid falling on your stomach at all costs) until the 12th week or so. After that, your balance might be off and your joints might be too loose (a scary thought - I was picturing my limbs falling off on the mtn). My doctor said I shouldn't, but I'm going snowboarding at 9 weeks. If I feel dizzy, or fall, of course I'll stop.


Lori - January 23

Just came back from a downhill ski weekend. I'm 23 weeks along. It felt great, no balance problems. I'm still hiking and cross country skiing regularly. Use your best judgement. If you think your chances of falling or injuring yourself are high, don't do it. If you think they are low, do it. My doctor said the fall would have to seriously injure me to injure my baby. However, keep in mind you not only have to worry about your own skiing ability, you have to watch out for other out of control skiers heading in your direction. Just start slow and feel it out. If it doesn't feel good, listen to your body and stop.


jck - March 7

So I am only 3 weeks pregnant, I have no worries right? It is ok for me to ski?


Kim L - March 15

I think the bottom line is, you are going to hear something different from every doctor. Do what feels okay to you. If you are worried about falling down or people running into you, skip it. For me, I am sticking to the green hills and going at an easy pace on my ski trip this weekend (I am 11 weeks pregnant). The way I see it, I am not in any more danger as I am every day walking down the stairs or driving in my car...just do what feels okay to you!


louise carron harris - March 25

i have just come back from a brill week skiing at 21 weeks. I took it easy and avoided any busy runs... i was on top of the world and felt great.


Kim L - March 27

Hey all - I posted on the 15th and have returned from my ski trip as well. I stuck to the greens and on the last day did a couple of easy blues. I was nervous the whole time, but all went well. I was cautious and tried to avoid really crowded trails. It was a lot of fun and all is well with baby (just had 12 week appointment). Even though I was just fine, I think I would not do it over again because I am not an experienced skiier and after two recent miscarriages, just worried the whole time. Sort of takes the fun out of it! Just thought I'd give a report. Good luck to you!


Jenny - April 4

Hi I did beginners lessons for snowboarding last season and booked to go again on the 25th March. I paid for intermediate lessons before I travelled and sure enough 2 weeks before I was due to go, I found out I was pregnant with my first. I rang my travel insurance and they said I wasnt covered because "it was my own fault". So I settled to confinment in the hotel, but after reading everyones comments I thought I might give it a go. It was the last week of the season and thought the piste wouldnt be crowded. The morning of my first lesson I chickened out. My partner and my brothers who I travelled with were doing beginners lessons, and I felt more comfortable "mastering" what I already knew. I had a fairly hard fall (been getting very tired in afternoons, my legs gave up). After that I was worrying too much and missed my last day and half - I didnt want to have my cake and eat it. I had my first scan today, it was amazing seeing it wriggle about, it's heartbeat. . . Its still not sinking in. I'm 10 weeks, and will have a boarder-baby next season :)



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