Soccer While Pregnant

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becca - July 14

I signed up for a soccer league and now I am pregnant-do I need to quit playing?


soccer girl - June 15



judi - July 14

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am still playing soccer. I have played for years and my doctor said I can do anything I was doing before. I just keep an eye on my heart rate and play less aggessively.


lisa - November 2

have you watched a game since you discovered you were pregnant? i'm the captain of a woman's team and thought that maybe i could keep playing when i learned that i was pregnanat a month ago. i took my socks and cleats and waited on the sideline the first half and watched carefully. i haven't played soccer since i took the time to watch how elbows are flying, how easily people are injured and also, how many direct hits there are to people's stomachs. i'm no doctor, but i do not think playing is a good idea. even if YOU are not playing aggressively, who's to say your defender won't be? it is a risk that i am not willing to take because i know i can be back on the field in 7 months with a healthy baby.


Cindy - June 14

I have played over-30 soccer for several years. My nurses said "no way" when I asked if I could continue during my pregnancy. I agree with Lisa. I end up with bumps and bruises even when I don't play aggressively. It's not worth the risk.


Jo - June 14

I'm an advocate of doing as much as you did pre-pregnancy...I continue to play softball at 20 wks...but soccer is a faster moving, direct-contact sport and you have to take that into consideration. Becca, can you find a middle ground -- practice among your teammates (and let them know your preg), and sit out the games? I know it's not the same but it would keep you invovled.


lil mama - July 6

i'm 4 1/2 months pregnant and i'm still playing soccer.this will be my second baby.With the first baby i stopped playing soccer. but i think you can still do everything you used before you were pregnant. just be careful,don't let the ball hit your stomach though. if you are at a higher risk of losing a baby don't play.


Sarah84 - September 27

I was wondering can you play soccer while your not sure your pregnant because, me and my husband were trying for a month and a half and now i'm almost 2 weeks late of my period. And i felt nauses and I need to know if its okay to play untill you findout you are or what.


Seaangel81 - June 2

I know that the last post to this thread was about a year and a half ago but I am going to leave my two cents here for anyone reading this in the future. I am the captain of a woman's soccer team in a league that has players who range from beginners to semi-pro, moms just looking for a Sunday on the field, and others who just enjoy getting out their aggressions. Over this past weekend I was away on a camping trip with my children so I missed an end-of-the-season make-up game. Upon returning and reviewing the game with my co-captain, I was absolutely shocked to hear that the opposing team had a player who is 4 months pregnant out there. My team refused to challenge her because of that, allowing her to score 6 unchallenged goals. I commend my team for their decision and common sense. I know some of you are wondering, "What's the big deal, it's her baby and body." So below I am going to list several reasons why you should NOT play soccer when you are pregnant. 1. The baby. No matter how careful you and those around you are, accidents happen. 2. Would/could you forgive yourself and/or the person involved if it were to cause a miscarriage? 3. Why put us, the other players, in a situation where it could effect the rest of our lives for YOUR decision. I personally would not like to have something like accidentally killing another woman's (or mine for that matter) baby on my conscious just to play a soccer game. 4. Lawsuits. Yes, it can and will happen. Robbers injured during home invasions have sued their victims for less. 5. Common sense. We are mothers for a reason. I have stated this to my league and now I am pa__sing it on to all of those out there considering playing while pregnant, "I would rather forfeit a game than play against a team who would chose a soccer game of a life of an innocent."



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