Sports And Pregnancy HELP

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Quigs227 - January 25

Hi everyone, I am 6 weeks along and there is a big softball tournament me and my friends get into every year. I really want to play in it, but so far I've only seen negative responses to playing sports while being pregnant. It's hard--Softball/soccer in the summers and hockey in the winter. I would like to at least play a little softball. Any suggestions or help? Thank you!


squished - January 25

I was told that softball was definetly a no. With the prospect of the ball hitting you in the stomach, to a runner blasting into you, to you tripping while you are running. I personally would stop softball until your little bean is here.


bigtums - January 27

I don't know if this will help, but I play tennis and asked my doctor how long I could keep it up. She said for about five months (I'm 17weeks now) since my ligaments will start to get loose and it will increase my chances of falling. I play singles and doubles, so I've worried about getting hit in the stomach when I'm at the net by a fast moving ball. It hasn't happened and my doctor didn't seem concerned. BUT this was from my doctor, you should consult yours just in case.


JustMe - January 31

I know, I'm going to get yelled at for this one, esp. since Im in the medical field, but I, much like you, am addicted to softball, and couldn't just "sit out" this summer, while prego. I played until I was 5 months! I didn't know I was pregnant early on, due to some bleeding, so i was even sliding and playing rough ball until i was around 8 weeks or so... Once, I found out, i become much more causious of my surroundings, but still played compet_tive ball. I started "showing" around 5 months, so the Dr. told me, that I needed to be done, which was fine, because the season was ending that next weekend... Moral of story, I did it, I'm 30 weeks and 3 days, my baby is healthy as a horse, 87th percentile in size, and going to be a bouncing baby boy!!! Just choose your battles wisely, and be tenative. I wouldn't suggest playing soccer or Hockey, since those can be "more physical" contact sports.



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