Still Looking Pregnant

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lil_gigi - July 10

hi there-- my son was born 5 months ago and just last week alone 4 different people asked me when I was due! I’ve started telling people that I was due in November so they won’t get embarassed. When I was pregnant I was all stomach, now my post pregnancy weight is still all stomach. I always thought that after you gave birth your stomach would look like a deflated balloon. The bottom half of my belly is loose, flabby and looks like it has been deflated but the top half is still hard and looks like an inflated balloon still. Is this normal and how can I start to get rid of it?


MelissaK - August 1

You know, I hate to say this, but get in with a plastic surgeon. It is surprising how low it can cost for a procedure to fix a problem like you described. I recently went to a plastic surgeon for scarr revision surgery for an abdominal incision that was 7" long - and get this - he cut out an 8" long, 4" wide and 2" deep "chunk of skin" around my bikini line - I joke not here - from my abdomen to repair an abdominal scar similar to a C Section scar. So, the scar looks fabulous and I got a tummy tuck at the same time! All for the low price of $750, done in his office. And he is a very reputable surgeon in Denver. He's been written up in papers, etc. It's worth a try, 5 months with proper diect and exercise is too long, it sounds like you have a "pooch" belly that no amount of diet and exercise will ever, ever resolve.


Sin - October 12

omg... i wish i could find someone to do that for 750 here!


jodie - November 13

Lil Gigi, I had the same prob. My son is almost a year now and up until a couple of months ago I swear I looked the same as when I I just started to do this aerobic video called "turbo jam" go to if you want to order it. Anyways, I was doing the 20 min routine everyday and it was awesome!!! Goodluck!


whatisgoingon - November 13

Exercise Excercise Exercise. And eat to speed up your metabolism and burn fat. Exercising prior to breakfast early in the morning is when you burn fat more readily. The only way to loose that apart from surgery, is to exercise and do lots of stomach exercise to strengthen those core muscles that are not stretched and loose. :) Good Luck and you can do it! xo


redhead125 - November 20

What about Pilates? Work on that core!


cadens mom - May 21

i had my son in october and have had the same thing... im still carrying 15lbs. and it's all in my stomach, just like when i was pregnant... my stomach still looks like a balloon but not a deflated one, lol... i dont know what you can do to get rid of it because ive been working out but it just wont go away...


newbabyras - August 19

gigi - we must be twins!!! I loved being pregnant - was all belly - and super cute. My pre-preg body wasn't bad...but this post partum belly is gross! Mine is like jelly all over and it sticks out. My nail lady told me last week i look pregnant - great... Melissa - what's the name of your surgeon? I hesitate to go in until I'm done with kids...but for 750??! and if we don't have another one for two years...I can't deal. Oh, and feeling s_xy enough to have s_x so we can have another one???! right...



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