Thighs Getting Huge Help

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anu - May 11

hi im entering third month of preg, this is my first preg, i m 27 and and pear shape body, i m a slim girl with weight 119 before preg. and used to do exercise 2-3 days a week in the gym. since i became pregnant i m not going to gym (i used to work on thighs and did weights)but now i m going for 3 miles walk (1 hr) 4 days a week. but gals problem is my thighs are expanding fast and celluloid looks more! waistline is expanding too but i m worried abt thighs, what exercise can i do at home for thighs , my diet is good nutritious i dont eat junk food, but now i m sleeping more than i used to, my weight is now 120 , but if looking at thighs looks like i hv put on much more... help.!!


Rochelle - May 11

You better get used to it now. I am at week 19 if my pregnancy and much like you I was very slim before I got pregnant, I weighed 101 pounds. I worked out 5 days a week and once I got pregnant I didn't want to do anything to hurt my baby so I just stopped and started walking in place of my workouts. I only changed my diet a little bit to compinsate and I have already gained 15 pounds! I think it may have something to do with the fact that I worked out before and now don't but I couldn't tell you for sure. But I will tell you your thighs will get bigger faster than your belly will, but my belly is starting to catch up so there looks like there is hope :) I wouldn't let it bother you too much. Just enjoy being pregnant and make sure you don't gain too much weight so that it is harmful for you or the baby. Keep eating healthy and doing your walking. That is the best you can do. Hang in there once you feel your baby move the thighs are worth it!


Mattie - May 12

Hello, I am having the same problem. I was 104 and 5' 6" before I got pregnant. I have always been very slim even without working out. I am now 14 weeks prengnant and have gained 13 pounds! I have a pouchy belly but I have noticed that most of it is on my thighs, especially the back of my thighs. It's driving me crazy. I though I would be one of those pregnant women who just had a big belly,but I guess not. Well this last week I have been using an exercise that a pregnant friend of mine is using. I lie on my tummy (on the bed or floor) and put some of those ankle weights on. Then bend my knees so that my feet move towards my b___t. I guess its similar to the hamstring machines at the gym but with alot less weight. I asked my Dr. and he said it was fine as long as the weights are not to heavy and I don't feel any strain on my belly. I hope this works for my thighs! Good luck!


anu - May 12

thank u ladies, even my fat is mostly on the back of the thighs and side thighs,yeah i better dont miss my walk , and the exerceise told by mattie , i feel its uncomfortable lying on belly, but its good it works for u mattie, i m thinking f doing squats , just like trying to sit without a chair and getting up, lets hope this helps, good luck


Cher - May 12

Hi. I have the same problem. I was 22, 104 and 5'4" and very active before my first child. I stopped working out altogether while I was pregnant and I was unhappy with my post pregnancy body. I got the weight off and I am now 21 weeks into my second pregnancy and am seeing my thighs and b___t start to expand again. I realize I can't sit back like I did the last time. I find that doing squats, plies, and hamstring exercises work best with our body type. My dr. says their safe. I also like to do pilates for the thighs and b___t. It's good because you don't lie on your back so you can do them throughout the entire pregnancy. I've been seeing results quickly so I hope this helps you as well.


Arlette - June 7

Best advise- try to work your thighs now. I'm 40 weeks pregnant, 2 days away from my due date and have just recently started to notice my thighs touching. so upsetting to me. I've found great websites online for thigh workouts at home. But I recommend trying to tone them down early cuz trust me the fat build up only gets worse. (only gained 15 lbs until the 7 month and then another 20 lbs, its craziness)


KellyB - June 8

I hear ya! I gained all my weight initially in my b___t and thighs. I too was slim before pregnancy. Not happy about it, but I have been walking, like you, a couple of night a week and people keep rea__suring me, it will come off after the babies born. At this point there is nothing I can do, besides get disgusted when I look in the mirror and avoid wearing shorts out, and hope for the best! Good luck!


?? - June 17

is that rirte? how can gel remove fat? wirthut workout?


Krys - June 20

With my first pregnancy, my thighs got abnormally huge. That is where I got all my stretch marks as well. The good news is they don't stay that way but the bad news is that you may get nasty stretch marks and your maternity jenas/pants will fit really weird and uncomfortable. The jeans I couldn't wear after 6 months but I basically lived in loose cotton pants. Even shorts were a pain. Good luck and they will eventually go back to normal.



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