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chrissy - April 8

Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant and as I am very young (20) my boyfriend and I still have tickle wars...I get nervous sometimes when we are wrestling around tickling each other that excessive laughing and not breathing right from the tickling would put some stress on the baby...could anyone tell me if they think everything is safe or should we not engage in such activity until I give birth? Thanks


kasofk - April 9

tickle away!


Maureen - April 9

Hi Chrissy, in general the first 3 Months is the Critical Time to be careful. After that your pretty much out of the woods. Also, laughter is very, very good for you. But if you are even alittle worried, just ask your healthcare provider, they will know for sure. There may even be a telephone number you can call and speak to a nurse in your area. We have this in Canada. I don't know how it works in United Sates.


wenwen - April 22

I was 19 when i was 19wks. Now I'm 20 and 36wks my hubby and i still play ard like that. Just remember to listen to your body. If it feels uncomfy, stop! simple as that. :) hope it helps :)


Amy - May 9

Hi, Chrissy. Don't worry about it. Just have fun and enjoy the tickle-fights. My boyfriend and I still have tickle-fights like you and I was worried until my doctor told us that he personally used to tickle this pregnant wife excessively (I didn't ask him to go into that :) and that it's perfectly fine. I guess it just depends on how ticklish you are and how much you can take.


karine - August 15

LOL i too was the same...just be careful not to get elbowed in the stomach LOL


Wendy - March 16

I was 19 when I got pregnant and am 20 now at 21 wks, and my husband and I play around like that too, I really don't think its a problem, if your ok so is your baby, if it gets too much for you just stop and take a breather


Namir - April 30

It is actually bad, maybe not for the baby atm, but in the future. Not only for the baby, but for you and your husband's sanity. My boyfriend had a friend who, while she was pregnant, he tickled constantly. The baby was 'colicky' or inconsolable unless held and bounced. The baby will only be happy and comfortable when it is being bounced because that's how it was in the womb, bouncy, because you're being tickled. Kick his b___t! Tell him he will have to be awake ALL night if he doesn't knock it off!!!


Daisychain - May 1

Some babies are colicky, some aren't. Sometimes it's to do with their digestion, sometimes it's something the mother ate while b___stfeeding. But it's certainly not caused by anything you do while pregnant. Babies are cushioned in the womb, women can run etc while pregnant which doesn't result in colic.


Namir - May 4

Have you proof of that? Because I have proof. I'm sure internal tension of muscles near the womb cause much more of a jiggle than running does. Some babies are colicky, some aren't, some is caused by digestive problems including allergies, some is caused by not being comfortable because they're used to being bounced.



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