Trying To Get Pregnant Overweight

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jgutomen - October 15

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant after being married 4 years. We are ready for the journey however, I am a little nervous about the weight gain. I am curvy as it is 5'2 150 lbs and I expect I will gain anywhere from 15-25 lbs since I am overweight. Any thoughts? I really want children now, but I am concerned about being miserable. Thanks.


ReneeJ - December 4

I totally understand. I was concerned as well about weight gain. I am overweight, and my doctor actually told me not to gain weight at all if I can help it, during my pregnancy. It is easier said then done however. It is hard to keep your weight the same once you are pregnant. I have gained about two pounds, and am just starting my second trimester. I am trying to take it off, and keep from gaining more, but it seems like it wants to stay. Every ones body is different, so you should talk to your doctor about your weight gain concerns, he may tell you he wants you to gain little or no weight.


andy2bb - December 31

Hi ... - do not know if I could help out but here is my story ... With my first baby I started in 150 pounds and ended on 183 ... Took forever to get to 155 and got back up to 160 for like a year ... Being 1.73 I didnt look so fat but still ... Then I got pg again at 156 lbs and by 5 months was allready at 178 ... - couldnt imagine what my future would have been if things have stayed in that path ... The thing is that at 6 months I was diagnossed with gestational diabetes and life became another thing ... No sugar , no carbs and no fried things ... Plus daily workout ( 2 times a day walking for 30 minutes ) the conclusion is that I HAD to do for me and my baby what I shoul have done from the start ... I gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby boy at 160 lbs , yes ! I dropped 18 pounds in 3 months while pregnant and now at 2 months post partum I am at 140 and in the best shape ever , and I am still determined to loose at least 5 more ... So everything is possible ... Start with a low fat and low carb diet , cut the sugar as much as you can and exercise if your pregnancy allowes it ... Good luck !!!


tritty - January 8

wow andy! congrats to you! that's awesome. so, my question to you is.... what the heck did you eat? were you allowed fruit? i know that fruit has sugar which is a carb/sugar. did you just live on vegetables and lean meat for a few months? just wondering. i'd also like to drop a few pounds during this pregnancy. i was exercising but i think i was pushing myself too hard and i started having spotting so i'm going to stick with walking. share more if you have a chance!



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