Tubal Ligation

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wee emmy - May 1

I am 33 yrs old and had my TL 8 yrs ago this month after i had a c-section! My period has never been late or atleast only a day or 2! I have not had a period since March 18th! I have been experiencing a conjested feeling in my lower stomach and had about 2 weeks ago a clear gummie discharge! I am light headed at times and going to the washroom alot but not alot coming out...lol! Could it possibly be pregnancy......it would be so great if it was! Could it be??????


crystalc - July 15

Can a tubal ligation come undone and if so how many years later does that happen.


rttj2000 - July 30

wee emmy. I would think that you are. If you have'nt had a period since march. Have you done a test to see, and what did the test say. If not then you should do 1 or go to the doc. crystalc. I have heard them coming undone. It can happen 1 year after or 10 years after. If you get pregnant after having it done, then it might not have been done right when it was done, or after 10 years it is said to open a little. But there is alot of info on the net so have a look. Just google tubal ligation.


brightsr - August 16

yes you can, I had two boys and my last one I had a tubal done. when he was 5yrs of age I keep telling the doctors I thought I was pregnant, my husband laughted at me, he thought I was crazy. so I went to the doctors with severe adminol pain and was in shock when he laughed and told me I was pregnant, about five and half months. but it was in my tubes so I had to have emergencie surgery. and eight months later I got pregnant in the other tube at two and half months. I had surgery.


brightsr - August 16

signs of pregnancy after a tubal are pain in the lower adominal, skipped periods, nausea, and tiredness. and low BP. hope it helps bright sr.


brightsr - August 16

Hi Your not alone, dear let me tell you Im 44 and had two tubal eptopics, and I have did what you did, exacly, missed inbetween periods and I went to the doctors. had a test and it showed negetive. but I was still having symtoms and went ask for the ultra sound. honey let me tell you. if I am not pregnant then they must be an angel inside of me that looks like a baby to me. Im getting a second oppion. if any questions email me at brighteyes_shelia63Yahoo.com


brightsr - August 16

this last post was for glory. I will let you know if I am or not. k brightsr


brightsr - August 16

yes you can I did after five years bright sr


brightsr - August 17

Rebelady I think you can , because my sister had a period the whole nine months of her pregnacy, and tubals can come undone. I would see a doctor and ask questions and more test, especially if you feel movement. hope this helps


brightsr - August 17

erin yes you can, I did after five years. twice.


brightsr - August 18

Erin, yes you can get pregnant, I thought I couldn't either. but I did twice. and might be again.


cayingo - August 20

I have had both tubes tied due to two different ectopic pg. My OB told me we have a 1 in 5,000 chance of conceiving on our own. Therefore we opted for IVF.


aynot3 - September 17

Hello! i think i am pregnant after having 3 kids and my tubes tied. i have had several symptoms like headache, voming and nauseau, light, early and short period this month, sore b___sts, forgetness, stomach cramps, and swelling feets. i called the doctor yesterday and he said i could be or have a cysts i have met 3 people in the last 2 weeks that have or been pregnant with tubes tied. and i also heard that the only way to tell is by blood work


Lynn28 - October 17

Hello, i believe that it's possible to get pregnant after a tubal ligation. My best friend did, and now I believe that I am. I got my tubes tied 2 years ago after my 3rd child was born. I have been getting pregnancy symptoms lately, fatigue, hunger pains, swelling feet, weight gain, and now movements in the stomach.


aapspyder - November 26

hi my name is amanda and i had TL 2 1/2 years ago. i had them burned. i am now having some symtoms of pregnancy. i have not missed my period yet but i haven't felt quite right ever since the TL. could i be pregnant?


yidanis - December 24

i missed my period and my tubes have been cut on april 11 of this year can it be possible that i may be pregnant?



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