Tubal Ligation

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yidanis - December 24

i missed my period and my tubes have been cut on april 11 of this year can it be possible that i may be pregnant?


cors1wfe - January 24

Ladies -I have seen a thread which I am trying to find and bump for you all - it's FULL of women who have become pregnant in as little as 3 months after a tubal to 20 years - all are shocked that it happened to them - I found it as I am considering a tubal after my unplanned baby number 3 - so...I will try to find it bump it and tell you guys where it is....


cors1wfe - January 24

You can go under pregnancy complications there is a thread about can I get pregnant after a tubal check it out


Charlane - March 8

I could have sworn that I have my tubes tied, la__soed, looped, hung, tossed and melted but it happened to me, too, and I don't appreciate the medical community for the resistance I received in asking about it. Docs are human.


granola - August 19

i had a bilateral tubal ligation done in 2005 after a miscarriage. it wasn't that i didn't want kids, i just didn't/don't want to go thru that EVER again. so, now my period is over a week late (VERY STRANGE) and i have been exhausted and super emotional. at first i thought i was emotional due to pms, now i'm not sure. i took a home test, all the while feeling fool hearted ... and it came back negative. but when i was preg before they had to do a blood test to confirm it. so-o i'm kinda like ... what's going on here? should i wait it out? is this just my hopes coming thru cuz it has been on my mind a lot lately? anyone with any insight it would be greatly appreciated.


icequeenvt - November 29

I had a tubal ligation done 7 years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now, 29 and with a good man it's feeling like a mistake. Lately I've been feeling queasy all the time, my pants are getting tighter. I feel pregnant. But when I took a pregnancy test, it said negative. My fiance wants a baby too, should I go see a doctor? Should I see about getting a reversal? We don't have a lot of money and they seem to be expensive. Why can't all this just be easier!?


Fayette Al - January 3

I had my tubes cut, burnt, and tied in 2003.. I am now having symptoms of being preganet again.. I am sick only at night, I stay tired all the time now, when I have always been one to never slow down.. My back hurts all the time.. I have read where it is only effective for up to 5 years.. Do you think I need to take a test or just wait it out?? And would anyone recommend a blood test or over the counter?? Thanks



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