Very Confused With Tests Please Help

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hopeful9410 - August 6

Hi Sorry for the lengthy post, such a crummy day and I am so confused. Ok here is my situation.... A week ago I took 3 pregnancy tests- a +/- test (got a negative first thing in the am) a digital test (got a POSITIVE! later that afternoon) and then took a another digital 15 mins later and got a negative. After the positive and negative craziness I went to the hospital with my hubby and I took a Blood test, finding out the next day I was indeed preggo- low count but the tech said that it might just be early. My husband and I were just on cloud nine so excited!! Here is where the story gets confusing... Today (week later then getting confirmed with blood test) I had very mild cramps and a tiny bit of brown discharge just once when I got home from the gym, being worrywort first timers that we thought well we might just go to the er to get it checked out. So I was asked to pee in a cup because they were going to check pregnancy and whatever else.. I didnt realize that they were going to have to do that and I peed 15 mins before. So I was nervous about that, so after waiting awhile, the er doc came in and was confused because the er test said that I was negative not pregnant, which was a surprise to me since I had been confirmed a week with the blood test. So of course she had to scare my hubby and I about the possibility of a miscarriage and not being sure if I am pregnant or not and it was completely like the wind was let out of our sails. So discussing all the way home, My hubby decided to get some more tests because he is still thinking I am preg. I took another digital test 4 hrs after my last negative at the ER and it came back POSITIVE!! So needless to say I am confused and don't know how to feel! Any insight would be great! Is this common with +/- tests and digital? Am I still hopefully pregnant?!? Thanks in advance Im lost, and I feel discouraged...



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