Walking Vs Yoga

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Kim - September 5

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been walking for 3-4 miles a day 6x a week. I planned to continue this until I delivered but have recently started having mid-to-upper back pain and some pain (which comes and goes) in my sciatic nerve. Will walking make this worse? I was thinking of switching to Pregnancy Yoga for my last two months. Any advice or comments on good Yoga DVD's for a beginner? I have done Pilates before but not Yoga. Thanks.


angela - September 18

if you are having back pain, i would suggest sticking with pilates, not yoga. i've found yoga exacerbates my back pain whereas pilates strengthens the core and helps my back. maybe look for prenatal pilates?


Lisa - September 27

I am 32 weeks and have been doing yoga the whole time along with walking. Find a good prenatal yoga cla__s or video and I think you'll be pleased. Prenatal yoga works on the muscles you need to support a healthy pregnancy and help with delivery along with relaxation. I can't say enough good about it. Give it a try. I like the ZenMama DVD but am still taking regular yoga cla__ses.


sree - October 27

hi its better u start yoga .it is ver good for pregnancy. dont try dvd's staright as if u r new. try direct pregnancy yoga cla__s and breathing excercise.


TO KIM - December 1

I think a combination would be good, but it may not be good to walk quite as much each time you walk. I didn't even walk 3 to 4 miles/day pre-pregnancy, so I imagine later in pregnancy that is a little much. I would cut it back to like 1 or 2 miles of walking combined w/ yoga. Just dont overdo it.


K - December 2

I have several Pre-Natal exercise DVDs. I like ZenMama too, but as a beginner you might want to try Crunch Fitness' Yoga Mama. It's 45 minutes instead of a full hour, and I think it is probably the easiest one out there for a beginner. I always feel great after I do it. If you want to try to keep up some cardio too, I like Leisa Hart's Fit Mama. It has a cardio salsa section; then a toning section; then a 10 minute stretching section.



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