Was I Too Relaxed

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Heather - September 14

Hi, i am 28 weeks with my 3rd child and am finding quite a large amount of discomfort and pains this time; from sore hips, crampy left butt cheek(sciatica?), pelvic and va___a pain and just being plain exhausted(this one i did expect). So last night i enrolled in a relaxation\meditation course at the Y and felt like maybe it worked a bit to destress. But then when i got home last night, the sciatica pain was as bad as i have felt it yet and this morning i had a lower leg cramp that almost sent me into hysterics trying to massage it out(this is the first type of this cramp i have had this pregnancy, with the other 2 i used to get them on the bottoms of my feet). Is it possible that i was just too relaxed or did i do something to aggravate the situation. Maybe to be stressed isn't that bad if i can fend off more pain.


Leah - November 17

Hi Heather, wow, sounds like your going through a miserable time!! Have you thought about looking into a chiropractor? Many pregnant women live by them since they can help your body readjust to the changes. It sounds that in this pregnancy your body is reacting very differently and with the description of sour hips and the sciatic nerve a chiropractor may be able to readjust your hips to where you'll feel more comfortable. You may also want to try to find a ma__sage therapist that specializes in pregnancy ma__sages. I hope you find some relief!!!


yulia - November 18

I also havea HORRIBLE left hip pain. Some times i can not even walk, I even fell once because of pain. My doctor recommeded switching beltween hot and cold on my hip, and this helps some. Exercise aggravates it, it hurts the most in the evenings, if i walked a lot or had a busy day. Let me know if you have found a solution to this problem.


megan - November 27

I am about 16 weeks pregnant with my fifth. I have always had sciatic nerve pain with my periods and pregnancies. But, this time is unbearable. I am going to my neurologist to see what I can do this time. I have even taken Ibuprofin with this baby because I can't get any relief and that doesn't really help enough. I can't sit on a heating pad 24/7. I have noticed that I am more swollen (down below) this time too. I have until May with this baby and don't think I can make it that long with this pain. I hope you find some relief. I will post what relief I find, if I find some!


Elizabeth - December 17

I had the same horrible back pain early on (sciatic--usually to one side.) It hurt to sit, stand, walk, etc... But I found this simple stretch that really helped: get on your hands and knees, arch your back up like a cat, and tighten your b___t muscles for some time. I could come home in so much pain, do that 4-5 times for 15-20 seconds each, and I was normal again. Hope this helps!



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