Weight And The Dr

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jamie - April 12

I am 28 weeks pregnant and have 23 pounds. I was not overwieght at all when I got pregnant and my doctor says that I have gained to much and now I have to keep a journal of what I eat. Does anyone else think it's to much?


Hey - April 12

Tell your doc to get off your a__s! Esp if you are other wise healthy and not putting the babe at risk. It is easier to get back to pre preggo weight if u gain the recommended (25-35) it doesn't always work out that way. I gained 55lbs that's right FIFTY FIVE POUNDS. My doc didn't ask for a list of foods, AND I have lost that weight. It's been 6 months but I did not work out AT ALL.


Jenn... - April 12

To Hey... Thank you so much! I am glad to hear that you lost all that weight without rigorously working out. I have gained 39 pounds and still have 7 weeks to go. I always have a hard time sticking to a workout plan. You have given me hope :)


Jenn... - April 12

To Jamie... I am very suprised that your doctor is giving you a hard time. I dont think you have gained too much for how far along you are. My guess is that your weight will be right around the upper recommended amount ~35lbs. Many women have had healthy babies and gained more. Congratulations and good luck!!!


Daisy Jean - May 5

My friend gained 65 pounds and she is just under 5 feet tall. They told her she would have a huge baby- she didn't- les than 8lbs. She had lost all of the weight within a year. It was gradual, but she was gorgeous again soon. It doesn't sound like that much to me. I am living in Japan and the doctors here recommend that moms gain less than 25, which has caused major issues for American moms here. If you aren't going crazy or eating badly, i wouldn't worry. You doctor may just be a little overly-cautious.


Fabienne - May 5

No ! wow, your doc should see me ! I gained a lot more at 28 weeks - my doc also I gained too much. I stopped listening to her. I 've tried to be careful but just know it runs in my family to put on a LOT of weight during pregnancy but we loose it after :))))


jaime - May 9

i am 3 months preggers an cant put weight on i weigh 8 stone am i unhealthy i eat like a pig an will it affect my unborn child


Rochelle - May 11

I think that is rediculous of you doctor especially if you were not over weight to begin with because according to everything I have read you are about right on for a normal sized woman. I was slightly underweight when I got pregnant but I have gained 15- 16 pounds and am at 19 weeks so I would hate to see what your doctor would tell me! I would just keep eating as healthy as you can and do a little walking and you will be good to go.


Melissa - June 5

I am 23 weeks and i have gained 17 pounds. My doctor says it is a good amount of weight, as long as i gain gradually, he says not to worry about the final wieght. If you were gaining 5 pounds a week, then I would adjust, but i think we are all fine. We are individuals, not textbook examples! If you are eating ok and exercising then dont worry about it at all. I have 5 friends that have had babies in the last 2 years, they all gained different amounts, ranging from 45 pounds to 70 pounds. All of them had healthy babies.Good luck, dont worry!



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