What If You Lose Weight

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Rachel - March 1

Ok, so if you were very unhealthy and overweight before pregnancy and want to be healthy for your baby, so you start to eat right and 300 over your daily allowance. So, if you do this and its still less calories than your excessive MacDonalds splurges, plus exercise... Your going to lose weight. Is this ok for the baby? Not a diet, just starting to exercise and eating better. thanks


angie - March 24

Rachel, I am wondering the same thing. I just found out I am pg and I am overweight- obese according to some doctors/websites. I weight 222 lbs and I am 5'-10.5". I have always been big and I want to start exercising and eating right for my baby. That is my insentive. I have not had such a strong insentive before. I have read on the internet that even overweight women should gain weight- about 10-15 pounds. Does anyone have an answer or has anyone lost weight while they were pg???


donna - March 27

i lost nearly two stone with my first pregnancy due to morning sickness and my son was born healthy and weighed in at 8lbs however i put on a stone in 4 weeks after giving birth even though i was b___st feeding as my body absorbed everything as it had been starved whilst i was pregnant i am now pregnant again and am overweight so wouldnt like to put on any weight i think as long as you eat healthily and the babys growing fine then it,s o.k


Starla - April 28

I was average size and I went from 115 lbs to 97 lbs in my first trimester because of morning sickness I couldn't be around any food at any point during the day for about 3 months. My daughter weighed 5 lbs 13 oz, but the doctor had no concerns. I say it's alright so long as your doctor doesn't get concerned.


a little chubby! - April 29

i gained like 35 pounds with my first baby and never lost it! now with my second, im into my second trimester and havent gained a single pound! my doc says it is perfectly fine! he told me to keep doing what im doing because my baby is right where shes suppose to be and the more wt. i loose the less likely i am to get gestational diabetes among other things. they key is to eat healthy and exercise NOT to diet and starve youself. there's a huge difference.



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