13 Or 16 Weeks Pregnant

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Jamie - February 22

Okay - my last period was November 11; I'm 100% certain of that; Based on that, doctors told me I was about 13 weeks pregnant. Friday night, I was bleeding, and so my husband and I went to the ER. The doctor there performed an ultrasound, and the first thing she said was "I can tell you right now, you're more than 13 weeks pregnant. You're closer to 15 or 16 weeks." But, if I'm 16 weeks pregnant, I had my period 2 weeks after conception. I don't know, I'm just kind've confused right now. My husband says not to worry about it, but I feel like I need to. I'm active duty in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany - I need to be able to tell my unit my due date, and they don't like "Sometime between August 5 and August 20". So...is there anyway that I can get a more exact due date, as opposed to a 15-day spread?


Jbear - March 1

There's no such thing as an exact due date. Some babies are born at 37 weeks, some at 42. You can't plan the exact timing of a natural process, and any large employer, like the U.S. Army, will have previous experience with pregnant women, and will understand that. It also occurs to me that your doctor might be dating your pregnancy from conception rather than by menstrual age. My LMP was Nov 28, and as of Feb 25 I was 13 weeks pregnant, according to my doctor.


jamie - March 2

i had my last period on nov.17th and i am 16 weeks and 3 days they told me it was probably implantation bleeding my due date is Aug.14th 2005. your due date is probably around Aug.7th


Kim - March 4

The first day of my last period was 11/14/2005 and on Sunday 3/6/2005, I will be 16 weeks. Hope this helps.


Kim - March 4

The first day of my last period was 11/14/2004 and on Sunday 3/6/2005, I will be 16 weeks. Hope this helps.


Melissa - March 4

My last period was Nov. 11th also. I am 16 weeks and 1 day today. So it sounds like you are as well. My due date is August 18th.Good luck.


Jodi - March 6

My last period was 14 november and I am now 16 weeks.


Kelli - March 9

My Due date is August 24, 2005 and I'm exactly 16 weeks today, and my LMP was the 19th-23rd of November.... if that tells you anything. I don't think I actually conceived until 11 to 14 days after my period, but my doctor goes by the day of my last period. It's kinda confusing to me too.


Sasha - March 9

Jbear is right, there is no such thing as an exact due date, that's why doctors call it an approximate due date. Some babies are born well before (premies) some babies are born way after. If you're one of the lucky few, you'll have your baby on the noted date. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, your employer will most likely understand without a doubt. If you were trying to plan a holiday between such and such dates, then I can see them not liking that. Secondly, don't worry too much about the bleeding. I'm currently 16 weeks and I spotted up until my 13th week. Some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy, some spot only during the time in which they would have gotten their period, and some don't spot at all. Unless your bleeding is accompanied with strong abdominal cramps and the blood is bright or dark, there isn't too much to worry about. Thirdly, it sounds like you conceived just after I did. My last period was November 7th, my approx due date is Aug 26th - Sept 03. This is because my periods were very irregular. So you should be due around the same time. Regardless, I wouldn't worry about it, besides your ultrasound will give you the best and most accurate date of how far along you are and when you can expect your new bundle of joy.


Brandi - March 25

My last period was December 16th. As of 3/23/05 I was exactley 16 weeks. My "due date" September 7th. Good luck


Luly - March 26

I'm in the same situation. My last period was sept 19 so my due date WAS(!) June 27. After my first ultrasound the changed my due date to June 8. I asked my doctor so what's now... he said whatever the ultrasound sais that's how we go.... you should think your due date is Aug 5.


Tracey - April 4

if your last period started on the 11 November then you should be 20 - 21 weeks pregnant, even though you wont have really conceived until 3 weeks after your period this is the manner in which they work it out. Im working from 11 Nov to April 4 2005. Hope this is of use.


Gona2 - April 18

Iam pregnant and in my 13 wks after the first date of my last periode, every thing ok but I have some pain down of abdomen is it Ok? thanks for your help


Gona2 - April 18

Iam pregnanat and in my 13 week from the first date of my last peroide 23/1/2005. every thing ok but I have some pain in the lower part in my abdomen. is this pain is normal?


Jamie - April 19

just an update - I did manage to get a one-day due date, instead of a due-month - as of today, I'm 23 weeks, 5 days preg, due on August 11. But, I think she'll make her appearance on August 8. (Yes, it's definately a girl)


kat - April 21

hey i am stationed in germany as well and i am 13 weeks pregnant. Me and my husband went to the hospital last night to because i started to bleed and the dr told me it was just old blood. I am stationed in Bamberg how about you?


katkat - April 21

Gona2 you LMP was the day before mine! I am 13 weeks as well. My LMP was 24-1-2005. I sometimes get lower abdominal pain as well. I was told multiple times it is the stretching of the uterus and other organs moving around, i wouldnt be 2 worried unless you got a bad pain and start to bleed!



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