Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

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squirrely4 - November 19

I am only in week 9 but I wanted to know how many of you ladies have used the Chinese pregnancy calendar to predict the s_x of your baby. and 2nd- when you found out what you are having was the Chinese calendar correct? i ask b/c me and my husband really want a little girl and the calendar says we will, but i don't know if i should even give this any thought


puchipatas - November 21

On both of my kids I used the chinese calender too and I gave it my conception age and the month I conceived it kind shocked me cause I was skeptical at first but it was 100% accurate!


lisey_n_bree - December 1

i looked up to see how accurate it would be ....because it said boy and we want one ......well we looked up our daughters and it was right!


filly06 - December 2

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but there is a 50-50 chance of it's accuracy. If you look long enough online you will find several different ones and some calculate based on your lunar/chinese age...but they are fun to play around with! :) We are about 15 weeks along with our second pregnancy and I am still anxious to find out the gender and have been looking at all the fun 'gender predictors' to pa__s the time! lol! Congrats to you all on your pregnancy!


gevisanchez - January 15

hey there i'm 18 weeks and 4 days i just found out that i was having a boy i was looking on the chinese calendar and it said it was a boy but every one said i was going to have a girl cuz the shape of my bell but so far that i see it was correct. but just wait till 18-20 to find out it was a awome moment.


KCJ - January 16

Which website is most accurate? (if any) I am currently 12 weeks pregnant, but I am dying to know what I am having!


MeggieD - February 10

We used the Calendar as well as every other predictor and all of them said girl...come to find out we are having a little boy! We are very excited!!! i have heard that it's kinda just for an old wives tale!


sarajf - February 23

i used the chinese calender with my son and it was correct and with this pregnancy it said i was having a girl and it was correct so it worked for me


aelliott - February 23

I just looked it up and did it for both my first pregnancy and this one. For my first it said I would have a girl, and I did. This time it says I'll have a boy (which I think I will). I'll let you know in 13 weeks.


SoReady - April 4

Hi, i used calendar when I was pregnant and it correctly predicted my son. I also used this on two of my pregnant friends and it was correct for them as well. It may be an old wives tale but I am going to use it this summer when my husband and I start trying again because I really want a little girl!


Kiddolebel - May 6

Hi there, I used it with both of my kids and each time it was correct.



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