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kate1980 - May 13

Hello everyone, My first day of my last period was April 25th, and according to the ovulation calendar I was fertile between the dates of May 5th to the 10th. I had unprotected s_x from May 6th until today which is May 13th. I am not due to get my next period until May 22nd, but I am having slight cramping similar to period cramps for the last 2 days. I have a creamy white discharge, but I am also itchy down there...could I be ovulating now or am I pregnant or could this discharge be a yeast infection? Help me please, I am so wanting a baby I think I am making it worse for myself. Thank you so much for all the help.


Excited new mom - May 14

It's possible, but you may not know for sure until you are late enough to take a pregnancy test. Also, your doctor can do a blood test. For me, I was totally clueless. I had spotting about 2 weeks into my last cycle, which turned out to be implantation bleeding. I kept thinking I was starting my period, but it was only an increase in cervical discharge. My advice is for you to try to relax about it (trust me, we tried for 2 years and were seeing a specialist, so I know that is easier said than done) and wait until you can test accurately. If you are like me, you will stress until you take a test, so get a couple cheapie tests at wal-mart. Test now, and if it is negative, test each week until you get your period or a BFP! Good Luck!


cherylc - May 23

It is possible that the cramping you were/are feeling is either ovulation cramping (also with the discharge) or implantation cramping. I would wait until a couple days before af. Or wait until af is late.... although personally, I know how hard that is! Best to buy the packs with 2 or more tests in it, because even if it's pos, if you're like me.... you'll probably take more than one LOL... good luck and baby dust!


kate1980 - May 28

Thanks for you help ladies...I'M PREGNANT!! :):):)


Na__li - May 29

unbelievable! I had exactly the same symptoms, accompanied with rosy blood (not the period dark blood), when I went to the doctor, on her device we saw an egg, she told me that's a good opportunity if u try now!!! in the evening I had s_x with my husband and exactly since then, I'm having the period symptoms (which should be coming in a week time), but this time those symptoms are a bit worse than any other time, making me tired and nervous!!! I'm just hoping that I'm pregnant!! That basic pregnancy test I did a week ago and it was negative! Any clue? Thanks and good luck



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