Could Someone Please Help Me

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kitty - November 17

im 17 weeks and my lmp was on the 23rd of july. i slept with someone els on the 22nd of july and got my period the next day as me and my parnter had split up. im now back with my man and everyone is telling me that it wont be the other guys as i got my period the next day and would of got preg's around the 6th or 7th of august ????? im so upsit and im finding this very hard :-( could someone please help :-)


Nia - December 3

I'm in the exact situation.. Here's mine. I get my period every 10th of the month and it lasts about 3-4 days. On August 9th, Tuesday I had unprotected s_x with some guy and he came inside me. The following day, the 10th I got my period and it lasted its normal 4 days. I didn't use any tampons (which I regularly use) just pads because I wanted everything to come out. On August 21st, Sunday my boyfriend and I got back together and we had s_x and he came inside me. Later that week, the 27th Friday my boyfriend noticed that I was peeing a lot and feeling funny. September 6th, Tuesday I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I waited a week later to take another test. September 13th, Tuesday I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive right away. I just want to know who I am pregnant from. The other guy or my boyfriend. Since I had s_x with the other guy and got my period regular the next day, I released an egg. So he was not able to get me pregnant, right? From all my information that I have said. I hope you will be able to determine who I got pregnant from.I know it's my boyfriends, my now fiance. But I just want to make sure again. I'm really scared. This is 'our' first baby together and I want to make sure it's 'ours.'


kitty - December 5

hey there i was told you can get pregant any time :-( thats why i dont know who the father is either . i know how you feel and everyone is telling me that you cant get preg's one day before you get your pm . i got my pm the next day to and it was normal aswell help ?????????? i know what your going though when are you due????


Nia - December 5

May 17th 2006


CHEY1MOMMY - December 22

to kitty: your conception date is 8/6/05 and the due date is 4/29/06 the fetal age is 21 weeks and 5 days.


CHEY1MOMMY - December 22

to nia: my guess is that it's your boyfriends baby. your conception date is 8/24/05 your due date will be may 17/06 like you said. fetal age is 19 weeks 1 day. i will guess that you will have a girl. since you had s_x three days before ovulation. good luck to you guys!! :)


emschmutte - January 8

i had s_x mid may with an ex after a huge fight with my boyfriend. I only had s_x with him that once and then got my period in june. i had s_x that month (june) with my boyfriend and that was it. i didnt get my period in July and found out i was pregnant. from what i have read, you conceive 14 days after the first day of your last period. I started june 8 which means i would have conceived on June 22. my ultrasound says that i am due march 21, 2006, so my question is, is my boyfriend the father since i only had s_x with my ex once and got my period the following month? please help. i feel 100% that this baby is my boyfriend's but i just need some rea__surance to make me feel better! it just doesnt seem possible that it could be the other guy's when i received my period the month following when i had s_x with him. thanks!



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