Do Ovulation Tests Have A Good Succsess Rate

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travissgrl06 - September 29

How much more of a chance do you have of getting pregnant if you use ovulation tests? I have just started to use them and today i got a positive on one that i am ovulating today and tomorrow. I was just wondering what the succsess rate is when you use them? Has anyone gotten pregnant faster by using them?


whatisgoingon - October 2

I am 28 weeks pregnant, we tried for 6 months to fall pregnant after stopping the birth control pill. 4 of the months it was all natural approach, trying to 'bed' approx mid cycle before and after as much as possible. The 5th month I used the 'temperature method' where I took my temperature at the same time every morning and graphed it to see when/if an ovulation dip occurred etc. And the 6th month I got pregnant was when I used not only the temperature charting but my first month using the ovulation tests. It worked, because it confirmed exactly when I was starting to become fertile -when I was ovulating and I made sure to bed as often as possible around that time frame. 6 months of trying and next child I would definately use the tests again and I would recommend them to anybody trying to conceive :) Good Luck, you will be blessed in no time at all - how long have you been trying?


travissgrl06 - October 2

Well I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago due to a really bad car accident where i was hospitalized for a couple weeks. So we have waited for a while to start trying again. My periods are quit regular so i decided to use the tests. We tried the natural way with nothing happening for about four months now. So after my period last month i decided to use them this month. I got a positive on the ovulation tests three days ago and we have been having intercourse every night since then. So now i have to play the waiting game. I hope this works. How long did you have intercourse once your ovulation test came back? And how long did you wait to take a pregnancy test after??


travissgrl06 - October 3

Did you have any pressure right above your pubic line right after your fertile days? I am almost two days past and i have some pressure?


travissgrl06 - October 4

Anyone else have get pregnant after using them??


Jenduck - October 7

Hi - Yes! We used them in August and are now 8 weeks pregnant. Hope that helps.


travissgrl06 - October 9

well i hope i find out soon.... how long did you wait to test after??? and how long where you trying?? Sorry this question is for JenDuck.... and whoever else has an answer or story.



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