Due Date Disaster

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Lacey - April 19

My LMP was 9/1/04. According to my ultrasound at 14 weeks my due date was given to me being: 6/9/05. I have moved and had to change doctors. The practice that I have been going to for the past 5 weeks sent me to have another ultrasound because my size and dates varied so much. My ultrasound last week gave me a due date of 5/16/05, which seems more likely to me because of my dates. I visited with the surgeon today after being referred due to the 5/16 due date. Last week I lost my mucus plug and have had irregular contractions since last Thursday. The surgeon, (whom I might add had the WORST bed side manner I've ever seen), stated that the difference in dates is what I get for moving during my pregnancy and now that she is responsible for delivering that she will move this repeat c-section date out as far as possible (speaking of late June). She checked and I am 3 cm dialated, when I asked her about the contractions and what I should do she just gave me a prescription for Ambien and told me to go home and go to bed. I am in the most painful discomfort right now that I can't even sit any longer than 5/10 minutes at a time. I have so much pressure and I am so miserable. This is my 4th child and I feel like I really know what is going on with MY body given my experience with pregnancy. Please give me any advice to make this a little easier to go through. [email protected]


Mage - April 19

You need to probably change Dr's again. Can't they do an ultrasound to see what the baby is measuring? You are pretty far dialated already to try and stop labor. I think you are going to have to let nature takes it's course. Best of luck to you!!!!


Lacey - April 20

I had an ultrasound last week. It said the baby weighed about 7pounds. They didn't give me any other measurements. When watching her do the ultrasound the head and stomach measured 37 weeks, but the femurs measured 33 weeks. My husband and I are both short people. I thought maybe that was the reason for the gap in the final date given which was, May 16th being my due date. Putting me at 36 weeks.



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