Due Dec 2nd 2004 Are You Around That Time Too 2nd Baby

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Michelle - September 10

Would love to hear from someone who is due same time as me & is expecting 2nd baby. "Christmas baby's". The coming holidays will be even more exciting! We have our next sonogram on July 16th, & are hoping to find out what we are having. We do pray for just a healthy baby. It is nice the 2nd time around to have my 1st pregancy experience to compare this pregnancy to. Bye for now.


bec 79 - September 1

I am due to have my first child (girl) on THanksgiving. I am also very excited about a holiday baby.


Michelle - September 2

bec79, Congradulations to you. We found out we are having a girl too. I was thinking wow at Thanksgiving I'm going to look like I have a turkey in my stomach. It is so exciting not knowing when this baby is going to arrive, right at Thanksgiving or the 1st week of Dec??? I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but having a baby due right at that time even adds more excitment to the time of year. There is nothing that compares to the experience of having a new baby. I'm glad that I do not have to worry about getting off work for the holidays this year. I work retail. It's nice that our kids birthday's with not be to close to christmas still too. Hope you are having a great pregnancy! Take care! Thought of any names yet? We are undecided.


bec79 - September 4

I agree. A holiday baby is going to be fun. I think my doctor will want to induce me a little early because of the holidays, but I am going to try not to. It is really funny but I work in retail too. I could not have timed this better if I had planned it. We are naming our girl Ella Claire. Hope everything is well with you.


Michelle - September 10

Hi, bec 79. Wow we both work retail and are expecting a baby about the same time what else could we have in common? Love the name you picked for your baby girl! We still seem to be on a stand still picking a name.Baby is moving a lot! I have my 7 month checkup on the 17th. I feel like I'm growing faster now. I keep thinking the baby will be here soon I better get organized, time is going bye fast. Hope your bundle of joy and you are doing great too!!!


bec79 - September 28

I will have my 32 week check-up on Sept. 29. I have just started having braxton hicks contractions, which makes me nervous. I guess because it will be happening for real soon. Today I went to interview pediatritions. Any advice since this is your 2nd would be great. Hope everything is going well.


Michelle - October 5

Wow time is really flying bye. Braxton hick's contractions already. I certainly cannot bend forward any more. I get uncomfortable if I even lean forward anymore. It seems best on my back to recline back, I had to recline the seat in my truck the other day. As far as advice on a good pediatrition. I consulted with friends on who they had and why they liked their DR. I went to talk to them like you. I think what made me choose the Dr I did was (1) I liked the way his office was set up, he had a sick pt area with special ventilation and a seperate well pt area. (2) He has 3 children of his own, which he had pictures of in his office. (3) He explained that his pt's are his pt's and it does not matter what time of day or what day it is he wants to be called if any problem, he does not want other Dr 's taking care of his pt's if we were to go to ER in the middle of the night. (4) He explained everything well and allowed me to ask any questions. (5)He gave me a tour of the office and what they do in each room.(6)THe told me this is my baby and is everything to me. He has been wonderful in all his care and right in all diagnoses. He always ask how my family is doing. I hope that helps some. This really is an exciting time for us, keep me posted. How often are you having Braxton Hick's contractions? Hope life is not getting to uncomfortable for you. We just have to take the bad with the good at this point? Take care!


Michelle - October 5

When I said right in all his diagnoses I meant at least with my daughter so far.


alisha - October 6

hey michelle! i am due for my second child on the 3rd of december. dont know what i am having, wanted it 2 b a surprise!


bec79 - October 6

Thanks Michelle for the great advice. As for the Braxton Hicks, I have them about a dozen times a day but not every day. They are quite uncomfortable. Things are just starting to get pretty uncomfortable now. It is hard to bend over. I can still drive my car ok so far. I really am not that big yet. I guess since this is your second you probably show faster-right? Alisha--how can you wait to find out? I don't know how you are doing it. I am too impatient. Hope both of you are doing well. Let me know how it goes.


Michelle - October 8

Congradulations to you to Alisha! Do you already have a son or daughter? And how old? My daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old. I'm hoping she will be my little helper, since I am told it is hardest going from one to two, anything after that is just one more. Bec 79, hi, glad my info was helpful. Being a parent, there are just to many big decisions we have to make and we all want the best for our children! Thought I would mention and your Dr might have already, it is nice to pre-register at the hospital your delivering at, so when you do go into labor thats one thing you do not have to do. Today Oct.8th bec79 your exactly 1 month 3 weeks from your due date. After being pregnant all these months and now getting so close it's just more exciting each day to know this baby will be here soon! Well, you both take care and keep me posted. Wishing us all a wonderful, fast delivery.


Michelle - October 15

I was just wondering if you had thought about getting the Flu vaccine. I Dr mentiuoned it to me , but said I will be delievering right at the beginning of the season, so it's up to me. He said I would get the shot NOT the nasal kind. The nasal kind is a live vaccine.


krista - October 15

hey girls.. im 18 and this is my first baby.. I'm due Nov.24th. I don't have any braxton hicks yet but I am eager to because I really have NO idea what a contraction feels like!


Michelle - October 18

Hi Krista, a contraction is definitly a feeling all it's own. Your stomach will get real hard and the closer you are to having the baby the closer & stronger the contractions get, but the one thing that helped me through labor was knowing and reminding myself that each contraction will end and I will have a little break between. It helped to just focus on each contraction as it came and knowing I can get through this because it will "end". Maybe this will help you and others.


bec79 - October 18

I am getting so scared. I only have like 5 1/2 weeks left. That is if she comes on my due date, which we all know doesn't happen that often. The advice that you gave to Krista was nice to hear. I am scared that I will have a hard time managing the pain. In a week I go back for my 36 week ultrasound to see if my girl is still breech. I am praying that she has turned. It felt like she did. Good luck to everyone.


Michelle - October 25

bec79, hi how did your 36 week checkup go? Is the baby's head down now? Pain management is always a concern when a person does not know what to expect, but as soon as that baby comes out it's total relief and you are full of joy seeing the baby and forget the pain. It's also comforting to know the nurses can give you some thing to make you comfortable. Try to just get as much sleep as you can now.


bec79 - October 25

I had my checkup today and the baby has finally turned head down. We are very excited about that. Now we are just on countdown. The baby was measuring approximately 6 lbs. 6 oz. Now we just wait.



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