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:( - August 23

If my doctor has confirmed with a pelvic exam, measurements each month, my symptoms and an ultrasound that I am 25 wks, and this also corresponds with my last prd, and this would be the time that I came off the pill and had unprotected s_x with my partner on a very regular basis, is there ANY chance that my dates could differ significantly? The first day of my last prd. was Feb. 18. I had s_x twice with someone else In early Jan/late Dec. once was protected the other not, but I was on the pill at this time.I'm worrying myself sick that the baby could end up being not my bfs because of this.Even tho this happened like a month before the dates my doctor is giving me and my 2 prds for Jan and feb were totally regular. Help me stop stressing


:( - August 12

Thanks for answering.


lexy - August 23

i had a friend that was pregnant on the pill she took her pills reg. had her periods reg. but come to find out she was 3 mo. preg. on the pill


Suzzi - August 23

hey Im am 26 weeks today and i am in the same boat as you are. but you said that your due date came from a pelvic exam...not so acurate i found out myself. i was told for like 2 months that i was 18 weeks over and over again. lol not a fun run around to chase who i had s_x with and when. the finally i had an ultrasound.. a few now and they are the most accurate way to know how far you really are in your pregnancy by the size and growth of your baby. i wouldnt even stress until you have an ultrasound they are only off by a week mostly.


:) - October 3

im now 33 wks.I had a pelivc exam, one ultrasound, and my measurements the whole way along have corresponded with my dates. My LMP was Feb.18(and im always regular)..meaning I would have conceived somewhere around the first week of March.No way it could be mistaken for conceiving in Jan im thinking.Plus, the day after my LMP ended I was hospitalized for severe vomitting, and they found i had a stomach flu.They would have detected and looked for a possible pregnancy through blood test..and if i had conceieved in Jan. the test would have shown positive at that time.


Maureen - October 5

Is there a clinic near your house you can go to? Somewhere annonomous? We have clinics here in Canada you can go to, I don't know how it works in the states. Perhaps you can be tested again there and they can help you find your "real" date of conception.


:) - October 6

I also live in Canada.we do have clinics, but my doctor is following my pregnancy.she has rea__sured me a million times that my dates are correct.My fundal height measurements are acurate, all my pelvic exams felt right to her, and the ultrasound i had at 18 wks corresponded with my LMP.Plus, around the time of conception was when I had come off the pill.If my dates were off by a month, i'd be due like next week lol. But im not due till Nov.So everything is alright now..


:) - October 6

Plus I don't understand what you mean by tested again.. you can't test to find a due date..unless u mean ultrasound?



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