How Many Knew Date Of Last Cycle

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ErinJoy - November 19

When I got pregnant it wasn't planned. When I went to visit my Doctor, he asked me when my last menstrual cycle was and I couldn't -for the life of me- tell him. He acted like I was some kind of moron. I'm curious, do most people that aren't trying to have a baby really keep tabs so closely on their periods? Good for you if you do. I guess I'm lazy haha


estee - November 27

it's a wise thing to monitor your menstrual cycles closely, no matter what, even if they are irrgular.


Janie - December 7

No your not the only one, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I could never remember my last period with either of them, now with this one I know it was the end of April only because I got married on May 7th and I had my period before I got married, so really I don't even know when I'm due either the end of January or Febuary 15th which is what the ultrasound says


Jennifer - December 7

i think i am pregnant but i got my period and the blood is THICK! what does that mean?


CM - January 11

I did remember but the only way i did was because my period came on the first day of a four day trip we planned!! FUN! I was soo not impressed and thats the ONLY way i remembered otherwise i'd have NO clue!! Unless your periods are super regular it's not like you TRY to remember when it started right!! I could tell you when it ended!! thats about it!! hehe....i dont think its being lazy, it's just wanting to forget when it started!


Beth - January 13

Hi Erin, Most people trying to conceive keep a very close watch on the date of their last menstral cycle. I was not planning on conceiving but I did, and I knew the day of my last one, but one because recently I started keeping track only to see if I had a regular one, not for any other reason, otherwise I would not have been able to tell him either.


Heather - February 20

I'm pregnant for the second time, unplanned as was the first, and i have absolutley no idea when my last period was. The only reason i remembered last time was because i got it on christmas eve. I'm still waiting to see my Dr so i don't even know if i'm in my second or third month. oops!! Guess i'll find out soon enough.


Jessica - March 30

Thats my problem. How am I suppost to know how far I am if it goes by your last period. I know when I concieved, but the ultrasound says gestation is a couple weeks further than it should. what should I do? I don't want the father to think it isnt his. we had s_x once and i its been almost 6 or 7 months since I had s_x before that.Thats why i dont tell people how far I am.



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