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AngelBoo32790 - April 6

Im really confused.. ive always gone by 4 wks to a month cuz its the only way i learned for pregnancy. but now my best friend mentioned a different way of counting. but since they both add up different it got me really confused. So how many months am i really. Ill b 19 wks on thursday.


Shea831 - April 6

I can't figure it out either and this is my second pregnancy. But the things I found on the internet cleared some of it up. There really is no way to know how far along you are. It's more of an educated guess. The doctor said I conceived on Aug. 14, but my husband was out of town all week and came home on the 15th. So I could be a week behind or a week ahead of 36 weeks. What I did this time was write out 40 weeks on a sheet of paper in groups of 4. And that's how I figure out how many months I am. Although the further along you get the easier it is to guess how many months. According to the way I do it, you would be in your 5th month. But that may not be the best way to figure it out. I hope that helps you out.


augustmommy3 - April 6

well, the pregnancy is 40 weeks, which you would think is 10 weeks because you go by counting 4 weeks in month. but some months have more than 4 weeks, usually 2-3 days more, so it ads up. 19 weeks would make around 4 and half month along.


kimberly - April 8

Your almost 5 months, 4 months 3 weeks to be exact, each month is 4 weeks long in pregnancy terms. So when you are 36 weeks you are in your 9th month but still have 4 weeks of that month left.


augustmommy3 - April 9

it's not exactly right. it's 40 weeks counting from the LMP, but it's actually just 9 months. Lets say i am 24 weeks now, which you would think i am 6 months, but if i count months and not weeks from when i got pregnant i am 5 months. either way it doesn't really matter how you count it. 4 weeks a__suming each week has 28 days, but every month has more than that, that is why additional 4 weeks are added. so, realistically, 40 weeks doesn't mean 10 months, it's 9 months.



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