I Dont Want An Abortion Please Help

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Christine - May 3

i just found out i'm pregnant and have a HUGE dilemma! There is 8 days between partners... and the 1st partner was in the very beginning of my cycle... still had low temperatures on my BBT chart. The 2nd partner was mid cycle right around my spike in temperature. I also had a blood test done and my HCG level was only 17 this was on friday. My dr. said to me "you are newly" pregnant. But with my sonogram she just said that i was "less than 5 weeks" because all they saw was an empty sac. yesterday my blood test HCG level was 52. I'm soooo confused. and no i can't talk to the guy that matters about what i have done. i sooooo don't want to get an abortion. but if i can't determine the father i feel like i may have to. help!!!


sa__sygal - May 4

Please do not get an abortion. I know it may seem like nothing could get worse. You don't want to kill that poor little innocent life living inside of you do you? That baby is already forming into a baby and you would never forgive yourself. Once that baby came no matter what man you went to, it wouldn't matter anymore! That baby would mean the world to you. I pray that you will make the right decision.


Fabienne - May 4

Please Christine - do not have an abortion. Why kill this little baby ? You'll have an opportunity to find out who the father is through DNA testing if you want. But again, please, do not kill your baby...


Harry - May 4

You can find out through DNA testing. Or you can have it and figure out who the kid looks like. It may not be obvious when its first born but after a few months you should be able to tell. Plus you should have protected s_x if you are going to give out your goods all over the city.


christine - May 5

making a mistake that i am well aware of and will likely feel guilt over for the rest of my life does not mean i was "giving out my good to the city". i'd appreciate a little sensitivity harry. good people make bad choices too.


Happy Mommy - May 10

Do NOT get an abortion. It will affect you for the rest of your life!


lauren - May 17

i think i may be pregnant to i had unprotected s_x and have missed a period i am so scared! if i am pregnant i dont want it but in ur case i would who cares about the father you do whats best 4urself im sure you will get loads of support from ur family


Tiff - May 17

Hi Christine, two guys in such a short time period, probably was a mistake. But it's in the past now. I'm sure you are now very confused with feelings over the whole issue and your new pregnancy. Please don't have an abortion. My aunt had one over 30 years ago, the same year my mom had me. She was going to have a girl too. It's hard for her sometimes when she looks at me because I remind her of the daughter she aborted. She experienced a lot of emotional trauma from it, even after all the years. Sa__sygal is right, when you see your baby and hold him in your arms, you will not care who the father is, I mean enough to wish you had aborted him. I'm sure, you will have a lot of decisions to make, depending on who the father is but you have plenty of time to deal with it. Let us know how things go for you. :)


Cinshon - May 25

Hey, you've just met your match the same thing is happening to me, I posted my story in the 1st trimester, this happen to me 5 months ago and it was nine days apart for me and what happen was me and my boyfriend broke up and I met up with a guy I knew back in school and we got together with a condom but of course it got stuck, I really loved my boyfriend of 8 years and still do,but I wasn't sure who's baby it was my first thought was abortion and I went to have one but I left back out, I was scared and confused, the other guy has been there for me but my heart is not with him. My boyfriend has another girl friend now and I'm still continuing to fight this pain, He came back around a little and I felt shameless to tell him that I still loved him but I was preg. and not sure who's the father, it would have caused more shame on my side and i know he would have been up set so I gave up. I'm still preg. and its hard each and every day thinking about it. What did your doctor tell you? The doctor told me it's a possiblility for either or so tha made it worse.I still try to have it but I know in a few more months I want be able to and I know my ex boyfriend one day is going to ask is it his, and I can't answer that, we already have one kid together. So what ever you do I'll try to be there for you if you need to talk, we all make mistakes. Whatever you choose abortion or have it's ok, no one has to deal with it but you, take care


Cinshon - May 25

As I read some of these post they sound like the things they told me, some make it sound cruel if you abort but it's your decision.


Cinshon - May 25

Oh if you would like to read my story it's in the First trimester under Judge my unborn's father, you may hafta go way back cause it's kinda old. hope this helps


sandra - June 15

help!what can do to get rid of my baby. i dont want it. i got raped and i dont want the child


sandra - June 15

help! i got raped and i am now pregnant. what can i do to get rid of the baby other than an abortion?


Cinshon - June 16

Sandra what about adoption?


SAD - June 27



corne - July 1

a need to abort this pregnancy but need to do it at home can not take time off work


Tina - July 13

i don't know if i'm pregnant i think i am i'm really scared about it and i want to know if i can get rid of the baby i dont want a baby is the somthing for me i'm olny 13 year's old i need help i can't sleep at all i dont have any pain i'm i partnenrs



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