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anon14x - October 2

Whoever reads this post, please help as best as you can and give me any information -- this story will be semi long, and what i need to know is when was my probable dates for ovulation, when did i most likely conceive, and who most likely is the baby's father. Ive been with my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years, in the beginning of this year we decided we would start trying to have a baby. We have unprotected s_x probably 2 times at the least to 3 or 4 times at most a week. My last date of my period was March 9th, 2007, and from past history my cycle usually lasts between 31-34 days, 35 at MOST but usually that never happens. However, on the night of April 1st 2007 i had unprotected s_x once with a guy who i had recently met, and now im unsure of who my babys father is. Im not sure if this matters, but the guy who i had the one night stand with drinks and smokes constantly, not just cigarettes but sometimes weed and i didnt know if this mattered. My boyfriend never smoked anything or drank anything in his life. I found out i was pregnant on April 10th or 11th, and according to my ultrasound my due date is December 13th. Im scared to death of having a DNA test done, because i dont want the other guy to be the baby's father, nor do i want to ruin anything with my current boyfriend/future husband. so who is most likely the babys father?? and how much of a chance is there that the other man is the babys father? when were my probable dates of conception? and when did i most likely ovulate?


k. - October 3

It sounds like your boyfriend is the baby's father... And you probably conceived around March 23rd..? Good luck..


claire83 - October 5

well i would say it was your boyfriends as getting a positive ten days after s_x is quite soon but theres always that small chance i hope it is your boyfriends baby good luck to you


inuk-mama - October 8

sorry if i sound like a B*&^% but if you didn't want to ruin things with your bf then why have s_x with someone else?? and being drunk isn't an excuse. sorry, tell your bf the truth and hopefully he'll stick around. If not then at least you've learned what NOT to do the next time you have a guy you want to be with


yadi1 - October 9

it looks like your boyfriend, good luck....


autumnsmommy - October 9

In order for you to have a baby on or about Thursday, December 13, 2007, you would need to conceive on approximately Thursday, March 22, 2007. ... calculated at mymonthlycycles dot com reverse pregnancy calculator



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