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newmum0071 - November 23

So apparently my due date is 21st feb. I can not remember the last period i had. My first ultra sound scan was on the 26th july and i was 9 weeks 6 days. That means i was pregnant for 1 day on 18th May, when did i convieve? i have heard the day you concieve you are already 2 weeks pregnant exactly. Is it possible i concieved on 31st May? I had s_x but the guy didnt c_m and was very drunk. I also had s_x May 12th and the guy did c_m. So could i concieved on May 12th? Please help me im really confused and if my calculations are correct my due date isnt even the 21st feb thats just what the doctors have told me. the correct info is 26th July i was 9 weeks 6 days EXACTLY Please please someone tell me! I really hope i did not concieve on the 31st May but tell me if i might have done Thanks in advance


Grandpa Viv - November 23

Yes, by convention a pregnancy is dated to the first day of your last good period, even though you did not ovulate and conceive until 14 days later. An ultrasound at 10 weeks can date the pregnancy accurate to a few days, Your last good period probably started May 17th, five days after the May 12th incident, so that guy is out. Add 14 days to May 17th and you come to likely ovulation May 31st, so that guy is most definitely in! Evidently the booze confused the memory of how much he came. Sorry to dash your hopes!


newmum0071 - November 23

Ok thanks for answering! Does this change anything?.. my last period was way before the beginning of May i cant remember when i never do, i have really irregular ones sometimes they come every 4 weeks sometimes every 8 or 12 weeks it just comes when it feels like it! so if its worked like that i truly have no idea. However around the 17th May i did get really light spotting, like there was nothing there but noticable to mention for 1 or 2 days. This was nothing like a period i normally have. Then to add to why im stressed about it, is that the first pregnancy test i took was on 9th June and it said not pregnant!! so thought i wasnt till i took another test a few weeks later from the same box, this one said pregnant! So it has really bunged up my head. Thanks for listening to me


Grandpa Viv - November 25

Evidently your cycle does not run properly every month, but your body keeps a 28 day routine as evidenced by the 4/8/12 week table. Are you perhaps underweight or in training? Pregnancy from s_x May 31st would easily not have given a positive June 9th, though you would likely have been experiencing some early pregnancy signs at that time. I'll chat with you if you need to talk. GL!



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