No Morning Sickness Good Luck Or Bad Sign

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Nicole - January 13

I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have yet to experience morning sickness, with my daughter at 6 weeks I was in the hospital because I was so sick. Is this normal or is something wrong?


Colleen - January 14

It's normal dont worry. I didnt have ANY morning sickness and i'm in my 27th week and everythings just fine with my little boy! It's LUCK! Count your blessings, every pregnancy is different!


Jenn - January 17

I have never had morning sickness either and I am having a boy.


Liz - January 21

I didn't have morning sickness with my first daughter, or in this pregnancy (38 weeks along and another girl).


Marsha - May 11

This is my first pregnancy, and I have no signs of morning sickness. Can some one tell what's up with that,


Keri - May 23

Is is considered bad luck to purchase baby things before you have conceived or in the first trimester?


Robin - June 7

I was never sick a day with either of my babies...and they were both beautiful sweet babies...the first a girl the second a boy. My pregnant friends were throwing up everything..the only bad thing is I was hungry and eating everything!!!


YoungLady - June 7

If you don't have morning sickness girl you are very lucky.. I didn't have morning sickness at the begining of my pregnancy.. because my husband did YAY!!! it got me around 4 monthsthough! ugh! But just in case you get morning sickness just eat 3 Salten Crackers and some water.. Trust me it works!! I found this out on the Oprah show baby shower show..


hallett - June 8

it is good luck. When i had my first one i had no morning sickness.


stefany - August 3

Im 6 weeks pregnant and i haven't had any morning sickness and i do count my blessings. I got very lucky!


ASA - August 16

I didn't get sick until 4 months. Yuck! What kinda c___p is that?!


kira - August 22

I think i maybe pregnant for the second time also. my period is late thats the only reason why i believe i am. my first pregnancy i thought i was dying. now that i think that i may be pregnant again i dont feel any symtoms. but my mother told me that the second is always better than the first.


Michelle - August 22

I was deathly ill with my first child for the first 4 1/2 months and I had a girl. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and have no been sick at has to be a boy! I hear you are less likely to get sick with a boy. Any truth to that? Guess it depends on the person.


kira - August 22

michelle, my mother just told about having a boy because i dont have any symtoms..but i think that i may be pregnant for the second time. let me ask you this, are you having are soreness in your b___st. i'm thinking maybe im not pregnant because i dont have thoses symtoms but i am late.


Michelle - August 23

Kira, my b___sts are soo sore this time around. They didn't hurt at all with my daughter. But I'll tell you this I will take sore b___bs any day over throwing up. I am also very tired this time and I wasn't last time. This is a whole new experience for me and so far I am enjoying it much much more. What kind of symptoms are you having? Any at all? How late are you and why do you feel you are pregnant?


Kira - August 23

Michelle, well i'm like 3 days late, but I took a pregnancy test today, (first response) and it came up negative. maybe i counted wrong interms of my period. i thought it was surpose to come on the 20th of august..the symtoms was a missed period and feeling like im going to throw up. headaches, heartburn and stomach cramps. but not sore b___st..last time i thought the doctors were going to tell me i had cancer..i was so sick with my daughter. but i guess im not pregnant..i will wait one more week for my period and if the pregnancy test comes up negative i will have to go to the doctor office.


Justice - September 4

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. This is my first one and the lack of morning sickness tends to worry me. I was under the impression everybody got it.



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