Omg My Ultrasound Confused Me So Much About My Dates

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margie - January 26

I had an ultrasound last monday jan 15. According to my LMP I should have been 6 weeks 2 days. I found out I was preg Jan 2nd. Now according to the tech I was 4 weeks at that point because of the measurements of the gest. fetal pole or yolk, obviously then no hb, she began asking me if i was SURE of my dates. I am positve on when I started my period and I got that positve test 2 weeks before the ultrasound...Well, is it possible that I could have tested positve with a hpt on Jan 2nd if I was truly only 4 weeks 2 weeks later? I really didn't think they were that sensitive.. I guess if thats not the case, I worry there may be something wrong...


Please_be_A _girl - January 29

Margie: i went to my doctor today and i thought i was 8 weeks (based on LMP) and they said i was around 4 weeks this happened with my son as well but i am alittle nervous that it will be a miscarriage - how are you doing?


margie - January 29

i just had another ultrasound today and now the baby was there with a heartbeat of 120, which she said was normal..and now showing only a week behind my LMP so it looks like its catching up...maybe our babies are just late bloomers! it is also a possibility if you have irregular periods that you could have ovulated later than you thought? please let me know what happens! im sure that our lil peanuts are going to be ok, i certainly understand worrying though because since ive been pregnant it seems thats what i do best! LOL...let me know what happens, ok?


Please_be_A _girl - January 31

Congrats! I am so happy to hear everything is going great. I am hoping that I am just a late ovulator. Yes my husband thinks I am insane for worrying like I do but I cant help it. I go today to get my beta count from monday and my count taken again my next ultrasound isnt until the 12th oh my goodness it seems like an eternity away!! Hope you are feeling good keep me posted!



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