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bella36 - December 26

I know the only way for sure to determine the paternity of my child is to have a dna test once ihe is bonr but I wanted some opinions. First I was told by on of the top fertility specialists in the country that I would not be able to get pregnant withuot the aid of fertility treatments specifically IVF with a donor egg. So I stopped using birth control. For the past six years my periods had been averaging one every three months. Then the last year I would have a period then have another period in about three weeks and then no period for another three months. The back to back periods happened three times. The first day of my last period was May 31st and I stopped bleeding very early on June 5th. I had s_x with my then boyfriend that night and he withdrew before ejaculating. I had s_x the following night June 6th with an ex and he did not withdraw and we also had s_x the following morning June 7th and he again did not withdraw. I then had s_x on June 9th with my boyfriend and he again withdrew. I found out I was pregnant on Jube 29th. From my first few ultrasounds I have been given a EDD of March 3rd, but I had to have an amnio due to my age and according to that ultrasound my due date was Feb 24th. What does everyone think is the daddy my ex or my then boyfriend???


princesa - December 31

Honey, because your dates are sooo close together it would be hard to tell without a DNA test. My guess would be your ex because he actually did ejaculate inside you, but there is pre c_m so I know my guess isnt neccisarliy accurate, I wish you the best of luck ! Sorry i couldnt be of more help


sphinx - January 15

I think its your ex. Even though prec_m has sperm in it, it takes more than one sperm to fertilize (contrary to popular belief) the other sperm have to break down the egg wall, and then finally one will fertilize it.. That's why men with a low sperm count have a really hard time having kids.



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