Period Was Early

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Wendy - February 17

I have been on the pill for almost 10 years and I am almost always regular but this month my period has come over a week early and i have terrible period pains. I thought being on the pill kept them regular and light?? How am I early?


noemi - February 18

I got my period on the 24th Jan. and I just got strange cramps for about 3 or 4 days.I got my period again on Feb. 17th.I am regular could it mean that I am pregnant?


Anna - March 3

I never had s_x or anything, and I just got done with my period like a week ago, and I seem to have started again, but when I swim I am fine. It started on monday when I had a lot of stress, could that set it off?


Danielle - March 13

i honestly dont know but i took my period a week early too


kerrie - March 20

i have had spottong every day since my last peroid and 2day started my period a week early not sure y


TANIKA - April 9



Eirca - April 14

I started 2 days early on my period and I have never started that early before am I pregnent or not usually I started only 1 day early but not 2 days early i'm really wondering if I'm pregnent. Can I get pregnent with a husband that is fixed or not?


amyb2006 - April 23

i've started my period 5 days early is that normal? P.S my periods always be every 28 days


shaddox - April 23

i had s_x with my boyfriend 3 weeks before my next expected period. it was protected but the condom split. he went inside me once with no condom unaware. he hadnt came yet. i went to the doctor for a morning after pill 2 days later. my period has now came almost a week early. so its now 2 weeks since we had s_x and i have my period. could i be pregnant or is there maybe something wrong or perhaps its a side effect of the morning after pill? im really not sure. i have no other symptoms and im actually loosing weight or at least trying to. any answers to this would be very much appreciated. add me to your msn or email as well if you can help. thank you xxx


Gigi - September 9

i had my peroid on the 14 of aguest hen on the 3 of sep, but it lasted 2 days, why?


SaraH - September 12

Well if you had s_x around 2 weeks after your period you could be, but if your asking if your pregnant b/c your period was early...probably not.


SaraH - September 12

opps didn't look at the date that the initial question was asked -long time ago. lol anyways. Gigi, how long is your cycle normally? If you had s_x the end of August the bleeding on the 3rd could have been implant bleeding due to a pregnancy. Try takeing a pregnancy test and see. good luck


shyshynic - September 14



Trish015 - September 25

Yes you could possibly be pregnant if you have had any unprotected s_x within 7-14 days before the first day you bled. If you have light period like cramps there's no need to be alarmed, unless you don't want to be pregnant then I'd wait it out until your next period if that one is late take a test if your pregnant then you do what you think is best. Good luck


Kb Baby - January 13

My period was two weeks earlier than normal, and i ussualy have regular periods. I understand your cycle can change but it has not come again yet and it has been a month. should i take a pregnancy test or wait till the date it ussualy comes


kspenrice - September 24

My period's have been irregular. I have been getting my period about the 15th of each month, but one in July with came on the 9th, August 5th and Sept 2nd. My period usually last for 7 days but August, July and Sept my period was only 4 days. I have gained a little weight and my stomach is getting biggger. I'm too old to have another baby, my youngest if 20 years old. can someone help.



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