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audreycpsa - April 6

im sorry if i sound like a rerun..but i need clarification on my conception date. me and my boyfriend broke up in october and got back together in december. i did see another man in november, i had s_x with him on 11/21/2008, i got my period on 11/30/2008, me and my boyfriend got back together the first week of decemeber. i didnt get my period in decemeber, i was only with my boyfriend in december, i was first going on my lmp date, but when i had the sonogram in my second month the due date was 09/01/2009, then i had another sono in my third month and it was 08/31/2009, and i used the caculator that tells u when u might have concieved and it shows it was on december 8 or 9, and i was with my boyfriend on 12/07/2008, but i just got off my period on 12/5 or 6, i cant really remember, and when i look at charts its tells me based on my due date my period would have to been like 11/26 but i didnt get my period till 11/30. i guess im just scared that maybe im futher along than the sono is indicating since its wrong on the lmp. if i did get pregnant on the conceptions dates its giving me, i just didnt if u can get pregnant right after yor period. im just feeling so guilty, please help. i just need some reassurance that im overreacting..


augustmommy3 - April 6

it is very possible you got pregnant right after your period. It is more likely than getting prego before your period.


kimberly - April 8

It is possible you ovulated early. Are your cycles shorter than 28 days usually. The shorter your cycle the earlier ovulation happens. You must have ovulated really early, once you have a normal period you can consider yourself not pregnant, so I doubt the incident in Nov. is when you concieved. A ultrasound can be off by a week or so but they are pretty acurate the earlier they are done.


augustmommy3 - April 8

I agree with kimberly, U/S could be off by few days or a week, but the ones done early, such as in second month would be pretty accurate. I had mine done 3 days apart in different hospitals the first said 7 weeks, the second said 7 weeks 2 days. I don't think 2 u/s could be that wrong. Don't look into charts for answers, they give you an approximate date of conception. Just cause it says it "most likely happened" on 8-9, doesn't mean it actually did. You ovulate for few days, these 2 or 1 are the most fertile, but according to the standard 28 days cycle. if yours is 26 or 30, the fertile days are going to be slightly different. I do think you conceived on 7th., since it is really rare to ovulate right before your period. It happens, but your period, so i doubt it.


[email protected] - October 12

i am 14 weeks pregnant and confused on what day i ovulated...i know i concieved on july the 2nd??



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