Sex Of Baby

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DD - September 3

when can you tell the s_x of your baby?


Alexis - April 5

When can i tell the s_x of my baby?


Chris - April 6

I just looked that up and it said between 11 to 16 weeks it is possible but it is best between 20 to 24 weeks. The chances of it being correct go up if you wait longer.


cherish may - April 10

on the fifth month when you get your ultrasound.


Maureen - April 20

I'll be having my next Ultrasound next week and I'm in my 4th Month right now. They said they can let us know if it is a boy or girl now. I am looking forward to it.


CHETNA - May 9



ingrid - June 2

In about 7 months to be exact of baby s_x.


shawana - June 4

tell me the baby s_x please


Brenda - June 11

I just had my 18 week ultersound, the baby was moving around so much that they couldnt tell what the s_x of the baby was.


Shanae - June 17

Because of the way you eat and the way the doctor tells you


mandy - June 29

you can tell by an sonsgram at 16 weeks


Taylor - June 29

16 weeks is when the body parts are able to be seen which reveal the s_x of your child!


kathleen - July 6

18-20 weeks by oltrasound


Stephanie - July 6

When I was pregnant with my daughter, they told me that the heart beat can usually determine the baby's s_x. They said that if the heart beats 140 beats per minute or lower than it's a boy. If higher, obviously it's a girl. At 12 weeks, I heard my baby's heart beat and it was at 152. It stayed at that rate until I gave a girl. It worked for me maybe it would work for you. Good luck!


Michelle - July 8

I'm having my 5 month sonogram on July 16th and we are hoping to find out the s_x of our baby. I'm planning to have a close family announcement party to make it special. Anyone else done that or is thinking of having one? Suggestions appreciated!


Lucy - July 8

You should be able to ask at your 20 week scan. However, they can never be 100% sure untill the day of delivery.


andrew tinsley - July 21

can you tell the s_x of the baby at your 1st scan



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