Should I Worry About My B F Not Being The Father

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Katie - May 3

ok i had my last period on 12/19/04... I had s_x with a condom and it didn't break 2 days before my period on12/17/04 (not with my b/f) theni had unprotected s_x w/ my b/f on the 12/19/04 and 12/20/04. I did not have s_x again until 12/31/04, 01/01/05, and 01/02/05 with my b/f and he came in me everytime. I found out i was pregnant on 01/14/05. I just had my ultra sound on 04/28/05 and the baby measured at 19 weeks and 4 days. Which matches up to the date of my last period but not the date i hoped and believed i concived which was 12/31/04 i was also told this was the when i was ovulating. my Dr. said she want goign to change my due date b/c it matched up right.. But i was thinking if i did concieve wouldn't the baby measure around 17 weeks.. I also was told that when you actually concieve your already 2 weeks pregnant.. So if thats the case then the ultra sound dates match up right i just don't know if i should be worring that i got preggo 2 days before my period. so any advise will help.. This is my 1st pregnancy and i'm really confused.. Oh by the way i'm having a boy!!1


Christina - May 24

Hi Katie, It is highly doubtful that you got pregnant 2 days before your period and your ultrasound dates do match up with your last period, but that means that you most likely got pregnant around December 31-January 1st or 2nd. When you measure 19 weeks that means that the baby is 17 weeks old. So you are right on target, I wouldn't worry. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. My email address is


Cinshon - May 25

Don't worry I'm sure it's your boyfriends, if the condom didn't break like it did with me


sounds good - May 30

Yes it sounds to me like it is your B/F's baby.. especially with the use of a condom.. (Not being rude or judging...but just some advice next time don't cheat and then you won't have to worry about it...)



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