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help me - October 20

I need help.I know what i'm doing is wrong i know i'm not helping my baby have the best posible start in life.I'm addicted to nicotine and it sounds pathetic but i'm scared.I am desperately trying to cut down but although it seems to be working i am extremely aggitated tearful and hate not feeling in control,I watch the big hand on the clock go round and round and when it reaches the point ive allowed myself to smoke i dive on the cigarrettes,knowing what horrendous effects this could have.I have been smoking for 16 yrs i'm now 31.Please Please can someone give me some advice, WHY can i not give this up,i feel like i'm going mad.


Brandi - October 20

Well, Im 34 weeks and I just gave up smoking a month ago. I should have done it before but its hard. What should have triggered me to stop would be the babies health but a friend of mine said how babies smell like smoke when the mom smokes. That was it for me. I didnt want my baby smelling like smoke and I quit. Gave my last pack to a co worker and havent smoked yet. Its hard. And I felt the worst guilt but still couldnt quit. I think you will get to the point where you just cant take it and you throw them away, if you reallly want to.


**** - October 27

thankyou so much for your reply,i was begining to think i was on my own.Iv'e managed to cut down some more but still feel awful about what i'm doing and scared at the prospect of being without cigs,i'm trying really really trying.


Brandi - October 27

I know what your going through. I still dont know how I did it.


kc - October 31

I'm 37 weeks and also can't stop smoking. I have really tried, and everytime I mess up I get angry at myself which leads to a emotion break down! I want to have a healthy baby with no worrys but I just can't stop! I dont know what I'll do if my baby girl has breathing problems and it's all my fault!!!!


lm - November 1

Hey - it's hard! Don't beat yourself up. I felt exactly the same as you did and I ended up quitting at about 12 weeks when I had a severe placental abruption and read that smoking can lead to the abruptions, preterm labor problems, and low birth weight. (Of course, you know we never do anything until after we're strapped to the gurney saying "OK" "OK" !! - it's human nature). And while there is so much they can do now to care for preemie babies, there is a much higher chance of smoking moms ending up in that situation. Remember, it will take a few weeks probably for the nicotine to get out of your system and you will certainly go through some detox, but try to just let yourself feel "out of control" - do the one day/one minute at a time deal. Tell yourself, it's just temporary and as soon as your baby is born you can resume. . .(and maybe by that time you won't want to!!) While the nicotine is bad there are also the other things like the carcinogens that are even worse. . .have you tried the lozenges? A good friend of mine has had tremendous success with those. . .Honestly, for me, it had to be complete abstinence with the thought of. . .I can have one in January. Now, I don't think I will! But, we'll see. . .I still won't say never because that will just make it TOO hard. Good luck - you can DO it!! And, remember - it is easier to quit smoking for a few months than possibly deal with preterm labor and premature baby issues for years to come!! And kc - don't worry! your baby will be fine. .


Renee - November 14

kc- please let us know when you have your baby!!


help me - November 22

thankyou all for taking the time to tell your stories,i am now 10 wks pregnant and am seeing a am receiving help i just know i can't do this on my own so am having weekly sessions at my surgery i was put on the tabs which go under the tongue but they made me feel more nauseas,tomorrow i start the gum i feel very afraid that i will fail this,but i'm told the craving for a cig only last 3 seconds and the first 3 days are the worse i will do this iv'e got to.thanks again for your stories.


Rene' - December 12

A friend of mine smoked dueing her pregnancy , and the baby was born with NO THUMBS. Dr. said is was 100% due to the fact that she moked during pregnacy. I am on my 2nd IUI, and the moment I started my first IUI, I quite cold turkey. It is hard, but when you think about how strong and healthy your baby will be, there should be really no doubt about quitting. It was the hardest thing I ever did, and now I concentrate on trying to conceive, and that gets me through the day. Good luck you all of you.


Rene' - December 12

PS: How very lucky and blessed yo are to actually BE pregnant. So many of us would live to be in your shoes. Please think before your light up again. I would love to be in your shoes. !!!! Good luck!


neesha - December 27

i know how you feel i work on a car lot and we all smoke i'm 15 weeks and i keep trying to quite but i just get all worked up and need to smoke


Rachele - December 29

Hello!! Im currently 30 wks preg with my second child, which is a wonderful baby boy. I quit smoking into my second month pregnant and it wasnt to hard for me...... only because... I have a four year old daughter and smoked with her the entire time pregnant and I really really regret it. She had several ear problems and low birth weight, with some several other complications when born... (at greater risk for sids also) it was all blamed on me smoking, it was hard to live with knowing it was all my fault. I know that sounds awful. I had to take away my worst habits first, like smoking in the car and having a smoke after brunch. I didnt smoke in the house because of my husband and daugther, which helped. Once you make it one day without a cig, you will be so proud of yourself and wont want to fail and pick one back up. Also, with my daugther.. when the doc would do an ultrasound he would comment on how the fluid was foggy which was caused somehow by smoke. Strange, but true.. GOodluck and I hope you can quit, its totally worth it for you and your baby.



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