Table To Predict If Your Baby Will Be A Girl Or A Boy

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gon - November 23

We have posted in this blog a table to know the s_x of your future baby with a 90% of reliability. We left you the direction and you will already tell us if it is truth! Congratulations to all


amy - November 30

the link dont work


Laura - December 13

It is like a Chinese birth chart. Take the dash out of the .c-om (com) and the site works.


Bec - December 17

I just did it and it was right every time! I have two boys and am pregnant with a little girl! The chart was the only one I have ever seen that has been right each time!!


kittty - December 21

hey there thanks for your chart its was right for me aswell :-) i did the chinese birth chart and it wasnt right this is the first chart that has been right for me ;-) thanks and merry XMAS


Serena - January 5

I honestly don't see how a chart can tell if your having a boy or girl. I mean its the males sperm that decides. Also according to this chart, if your 21 when you conceive your going to have a girl and can only have a boy if conceived in June!


Serena - January 5

I mean't January. But still how does this work? Girls carry XX and the boys carry X Y so you either get a Y sperm, meaning XY (boy) or a X sperm, meaning XX (girl!)


this is the site - January 21


nicola - January 24

according to the chart my next baby is going to be a boy!! im too early to tell, but will keep you informed, thankyou.


Kait - January 25

I did it and it was wrong. Said I should be having a boy and I am having a girl. We had a level 2 ultra sound, saw everything!!!( the tech even pointed out jer little ovaries)


disfunkshonal - January 27

tried the link (without the dash in the com) and it says it can't be found in the blog. Anyone else have somewhere I can find this chart? I'm only like 5 weeks but I'm so curious.


JanInBama - January 28

I just tried it too - I couldn't get it to work either.


Lindsay - January 29

The Chart I believe is just for fun, It was right about my first pregnancy, I did have a girl, But it said I am to have another girl and I had an ultra sound and we are having a Boy. I tried it with my sister, and it said she had a girl, but she had boy.


Lindsay - January 29

Also, take the dash out of the .com and add the www, if it still doesn't work there just do the first


JanInBama - January 30

try this -- it's just for fun!


JanInBama - January 30

Sorry - I don't think that link will work. Try this one ....


ladybug - March 6




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