Two Possible Due Dates

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captainswife - November 25

Hi there...I would like to start by saying I am asking more out of curiosity and to see your opinion more than question is about due dates/conception dates...I am usually very regular, period wise...then in october my period was only VERY light spotting for two days and then heavy for 5 after that...(when usually it's medium for only 4 days total)....then this november i missed my period altogether. One doctor told me it's from your first MISSED period they family doctor said it's from the first abnormal OR missed period...just in your opinion, which time do you think I was pregnant for? My first prenatal isn't for almost a month and I am so curious! lol Thanks :)


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

wow.. I thought I was the only one!! I usually have VERY regular periods but in September it came 10 days early!! and was only about 3 or 4 days long and sort of light usually I bleed sort of heavy for about 5 days.. I didnt hink much of it and when I missed my October period all together i found out I was pregnant. the docs asked when my last period was so I told them the September one but some people have been telling me that may have been implantation bleeding or something and I could be a few weeks farther along than I think.. I havent had a u/s yet so I dont know for sure but I have an appt on wednesday so hopefully we can work this out!


captainswife - November 26

I'm so jealous! My first prenatal isn't until Dec 21st and I'm dying to know! lol. Let me know what they say about you...maybe it'll help me too. lol Good Luck!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

I'll keep you posted :) I want to know exactly how far along I am but really I just want a u/s to make sure everything is alright... Im 11 weeks possibly farther along and I have had a u/s or heard a heart beat or anythihg yet.. its driving me crazy lol.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

typos lol... I HAVENT had a u/s or heard a heartbeat lol... gosh I cant type hehe



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