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nicola - August 31

I am told I am due on the 18th february 2005 and I was with my previous partner for 3 years. We split up on may the 24th but on may the 27th I had a one night stand. From the date of my last period it sayd I am due on the 6th february which would make it m previous partners baby. I am not sure how accurate this is and when I am due my last period was the 2nd May. Please help. My periods were irregular before and althoguh my previous partner is wanting a DNA test I would like to know what to expect and can anyone tell me who the father of my baby is? the one night stand or my previous partner? when they take your date of your last period how accurate is this? please help.....


Jodi - August 24

usually the first day of your last period is pretty accurate. Was the day you started your last period the 2nd of May? Who told you your due date was 2/18/05? The only way someone would be able to know for sure is to do an ultrasound and take the measurements of the baby. Then that would accurately tell you how many weeks you are and you could calculate it from there, but I would say probably your previous partner.


Nikola - August 29

The first date of my last period was the second of may. I had a scan up at the hospital on tehe 26th august and the person who did the scan said i was 14 and a half weeks which would make me 15 weeks now but they are now telling me my due date is the 20th february. Im confused! im only 19 but if it was the pweson I had the one night stand with i think I would only be about 12 weeks.


Dee - August 31

I just took a pregnancy test and it is posit_tve, however, I took one approx. 10 days after the last day of my ovulation. That test was negative. Thinking that I wasn't pregnant I drank a few times in the past two weeks, one time I drank enough where I had to vomit to fall asleep (which was 5 or 6 drinks). I am very scared that this will cause damage to my baby. From my calculation I would be 3.5 weeks. How will this affect or possibly affect my child????


ari - August 31

your 1st day of lastperiod is not accurate some women have a period throughout the pregnancy. But it normally takes about 14 days before a baby is detected you are pregnant on the day you have s_x however it does not change from and egg to the beginning of what is the baby for atleast 14days. Wow these days are so close together it is hard to tell who the father is but more than likely it is your exes baby you got pregnant soemtime around the 7th of may plus the 2 weeks for actual conception would put you at the 21st so you were pregnant before your 1 night stand. Hope that helps.



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