What Are My Chances Of Pregnancy

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BGZ - October 6

I began my menstrual on September 22, 2005. I normally have a thirty day cycle and tend to have mittelschmerz, which is that ovulation pain some women experience. It is rather a very informative experience since it informs when one is ovulating. Well, I had s_x on October 2, 2005. According to a thirty day cycle, I would ovulate on this upcoming Saturday. Yet I've experienced mittelschmerz yesterday evening, thereby, leading me to believe I ovulated on the 5th of October. They say the lifespan of sperm can last anywhere between three to seven days within the female's reproductive tract depending on the health and potency of the male. So that must mean I have a high chance of pregnancy. Are my calculations and information correct? Could I have conceived? Any other information will truly be appreciated. Thank you so much!!!


Amber - October 6

I'm very regular too. But my husband and I surprizingly got pregnant with our 4th child only a few days after my cycle ended and I am now 6 weeks pregnant! So no matter how you calculate it is always possible you could be pregnant if you have unprotected s_x. My advice is act like you are pregnant until you know you are not.


BGZ---To Amber - October 6

It's tempting to act pregnant, especially when you consider how much I desire a child. I just don't want to get my hopes high. You know?


Amber - October 6

I understand, trust me I've been there. All I mean is that in answer to your question(Is it possible?), Yes it is always possible. And I was just saying treat your body as if it's pregnant because you want to make sure that if you are pregnant that you give your baby the best start it can have. I know what you mean though, it would be easier to just not think about it until you knew for sure, but that is up to you. Just realize , according to what you say, it is entirely possible you could be pregnant. But I'll check on you here if you want to let me know how it goes either way. Good luck hon!


BGZ---To Amber - October 6

I'll try to keep you posted. Thanks for the luck. I've got my fingers crossed. :-)


Tonysweetie - October 9

I'm in your exact same situation!!! I started my period just days after you and had s_x just days after my period ended, and I'm just soooo hoping!!! Godo Luck!!!


BGZ---To Tonysweetie - October 9

Let's both hope our wishes become little realities. :-)



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