What Day Exactly Did I Conceive My Baby

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Sarebare - October 10

Take the first day of your last period, add 14 days that is the average date of ovulation for a woman on a 28 day cycle. Also it can happen within 2 days before or after this day so there is a 5 day window but this only applies to a 28 day cycle.


natalia cano - October 12

when did i consive if my due date is on november


natalia cano - October 12

if my due date is november 16 when did i consive


huttouch - October 26

What was the date of the First day of your last period?


missbitty25 - April 19

My LMP was Sept. 24th They say my due date is July 1st. But at my u/s on Nov. 28 they said I was 9 wks So that put me at June 27th. Just wondering if that would be my due date?


amanda1986 - May 8

when did i concieve my baby?


jamaris - June 5

I am kind of lost. I would like to knnow exactly when I conceived. I am really not a petient person, and it is frying my head. My last period started the monday after valentines and ended the monday after that. They first said my due date was november 30th, 07 but now they say its january 2nd, 07. It would just be more comfirting to know exactly when I should be expecting my child. I did not get my period in march or april or may so what does that tell me? So confused! The online website I visited explained that at six weeks the embryo sac is visible and I see a little white like bubble in my first ultrasound pic, but the baby grew so much and I just came home from another ultrasoug and the baby is now developing arms. Please someone help me!


Wellis10 - June 5

jamaris - Do you have irregular periods? B/c if you do, you may not be able to go off your last period. See according to MS, if you are regular 28 day cycle then you probably conceived about 14 days after your period. So for ex: you said that you last period was 2/19/07, which would put your conceive date at Friday, March 2, 2007 to Wednesday, March 7, 2007 and your due date at around Monday, November 26, 2007. Which is somewhat what the doctor said. But if they did an ultra sound and the babies developed more that the weeks that you thought that you were on. (the baby has arms) then the doctor can tell about how long you are. So then they reestimated your due date to be 1/2/08. I would go with that due date. although it might not be the date that you deliver. I was 2 weeks early when I went into labor. Good luck :)


tg93 - May 11

my due date is the 27th july 2009 i do not know what date my period started of ended i really shud of kept note but i never do unfortunately can anyone help and tell me what date i got pregnant please i really need to know


kimberly - May 13

tg93, pregnancy is dated from your last menstural period(lmp) date. A pregnancy is 40 weeks long starting from your lmp. But, you actually concieved 2 weeks after your lmp. So if you count back 40 weeks from July 27th 09 you will get your lmp date and then you add 2 weeks to that and you will know about when you concieved. I am at work and don't have a chance to do the math right now but that is ow you figure it out.


Wellis10 - May 14

As of today you are 29 and 3/7 weeks along, your last period was around 10-20-08 and you conceived around 11-3-08......


nopuffie - August 20

if my due date is october 20th when did i conseive?


dianelovesomar - September 8

if my due date is december 11 2009 when did i concive?


nikkie2010 - January 13

i have a question ok i had an abortion on june 3rd i was taking birth control after that for about two weeks then they started running mu blood pressure up so i stoped i had s_x june 22nd then again around july 8 sumthing like that i found out i was pregnant with a due date of april 15th could anyone tell me possibly when i got pregnant


Wellis10 - January 13

nikkie2010....I used my cal. and it said around July 23rd. you conceived. So if you had s_x on July 8th. Then that is probably it.


have faith - February 9

when did i conceive, if my due date is july 8, 2011?



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