What Day Exactly Did I Conceive My Baby

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have faith - February 9

when did i conceive, if my due date is july 8, 2011?


Grandpa Viv - February 11

Too the due date add three calendar months and a week to get the ovulation date - Oct 15. S_x Oct 9th thru Oct 16 is the best bet. Does that compute? Good luck with your new baby!


have faith - February 11

yeah and thanks. Everytime i count back i always get a day in october. I had an appt February 1st and they told me i was 17 weeks 6 days. Does this still match up?


Grandpa Viv - February 11

Yes, all the info you have given suggests last good period started at the end of September, with ovulation mid October. When was the other encounter of concern?


have faith - February 14

Well i had what i guess you can call a one night stand with a guy on September 25. Yes, i know sounds horrible. But i did go have a pregnancy test done October 14, and they told me i was NOT pregnant. So, if it was the other guys by that date a positive test would have shown, right ?


have faith - February 15

Any bit of information is helpful !


Grandpa Viv - February 18

My reconstruction suggests that you had a period starting right after that one night stand, so that rules him out. I'm still looking for a s_xual encounter that took place after that period. Your first missed (or light) period would have been at the end of October, with a positive test in November.


have faith - February 18

Okay. I remember that same night of September 25 I had some spotting, but that was it. After that I don't remember getting my period again. I found out I found out I was pregnant November 6. After the 25 ive been with my boyfriend.


Grandpa Viv - February 19

It bothers me a bit that you did not have a period at the end of September. Maybe you skipped a cycle - were you stressed that month with boyfriend problems? Your due date and your first trimester ultrasound both suggest ovulation October 15th, and there is no way sperm from Sept 25th could have lasted that long. I still think the present bf is the father.


have faith - February 20

Yes, I was very stressed. I felt so bad for what I did to my boyfriend. I think I remember having a period around the 15 - 22 and then I had some bleeding right after my intercourse of the 25. I'm more than certain I didnt bleed again after that. November the 9 I went to the health department to make sure I was pregnant, and they counted back on the wheel and told me I probably conceived at the end of september. They told me that in order for their pregnancy tests to show positive I would of had to miss my period for 42 days. Thats when I started having doubts about who's it is.


Grandpa Viv - February 21

I see your problem. If you have always had a regular 28 day cycle, a period starting Sep 15 would suggest ovulation Sep 29, and sperm from Sep 25 could have still been viable. At 18 weeks an ultrasound is not so accurate - before 12 weeks it is accurate to within 5 days. If you got pregnant from ovulation Sep 29, a urine test Oct 14 might not have shown positive. I am sorry if this opens up the possibility of your bf not being the father. Breaking this news will probably be more difficult than a teen telling her parents. My mail is on my profile if you want to talk about it. GL!


have faith - February 21

But if i had of conceived at the end of September then my due date would be around june right ?


have faith - February 21

How accurate are the conception date calculators that can be found on the internet. I found several and everyone but one gave me October 9 - October 15. I also have a roommate thats pregnant as well and her due date is July 19, her probable conception date was October 23-28. Since our due dates are so close together wouldnt that make our conception date close together as well. As you can see im trying to find out as much information as possible that points it out as being my bf. I appreciate all your help.


have faith - February 21

I just looked back on my ultrasounds and I had one done November 30, but it doesnt say how far along I was. I also had one December 3 and I was exactly 9 weeks then. Does this go back to the first dates you gave me, around October?


Grandpa Viv - February 22

Nine weeks on December 3rd counts back to October 1st. When a doctor tells you how many weeks pregnant you are, the convention is to date the pregnancy from what seems to have been the first day of your last period. The gestational age is two weeks less, starting the day you ovulated. Call the doc and ask if this was 9 weeks gestational or conventional. If the answer is conventional, you can be sure that your Sept/Oct cycle was delayed from stress, and you conceived from ovulation about Oct 15th. Since this ultrasound agrees with that at 18 weeks, it appears to me that the current bf is the father :)


have faith - February 22

I'm going to call my doctor as soon as possible, but what about those conception date calculators on the internet? And what about me and my friend having such close due dates. Since she knows when she conceived the day I conceived should be very close to hers right ?



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