What Day Exactly Did I Conceive My Baby

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have faith - March 15

ok, thanks so much ! I was very confused because i dont remember getting a period between those dates. But since you say the two weeks thing is true then i shouldnt have anything to worry about right?


have faith - March 24

Can you please answer my question, i just need some type of closure.


Grandpa Viv - March 25



hotgal - May 10

i need some help please. ok here goes...i was feeling sick, went for an ultra sound and was told i was 8wks and 6 days preg. now my last period started 8-11-10 and finished 14-11-10. (its not regular) now my problem is when did i conceive and who is the father. is it mr 21-11-10 or mr 18-11-10. (note i was with mr 21st on the 25th also.) please i need to know who the dad is. and my edd is on 26-08-11. thanks in advance...


Grandpa Viv - May 28

With that due date, ovulation was about 3 Dec. Sperm from 25 Nov might have lasted that long, but not from an earlier encounter. Maybe the due date is off by a few days, maybe you had s_x after 25 Nov. GL!


chazwillbrook - August 9

i am having the same problem, my lmp was 24/11/2010 and my due date is 31/08/2011 i have a regular cycle of 28-29 days i had unprotected s_x on 18/12/2010 i really need to know if it could be his? please answer. many thanks in advance.


Wellis10 - August 9

chazwillbrook - Yes the guy you slept with 8-12-10 can be the babies daddy...according to the info you gave me, Calculated Date of Ovulation: Dec-08-10...which usually you can conceive up to 3-4 days after that. Esp After unprotected intercourse, sperm can sustain its reproductive viability for several days – if it makes it up as far as the cervix. So According to this website Pregnancy Due Date Calculator by ovataion or lmp or what ever info you have Your due date is correct and the LMP is correct. But if you are having multiple partners, esp in 3-4 days time during the ovulation period (8/9/10-8/15/10 I included extra days to be safe) then any of the partners you had s_x with during this time can be the father. Good Luck


chazwillbrook - August 9

i did say i had unprotected s_x on 18/12/2010 not 8/12/2010 so does this mean that it cannot be his i am so worried about this. the 18th was two or three days before my period was due and i had no spotting or anything so may it be possible that i was already pregnant on the 18th.


Wellis10 - August 9

Sweety, anything is possible. In my opinion both option are possible. It is too close to tell. I know you don't want to hear this but your going to have to wait and see when the baby is born to see who the baby looks like. I think because your ovulation is around the 8th. I would say it is more likely you were already pregnant on the 18th. But on the other hand the other option is also likely, just smaller chances.


chazwillbrook - August 9

ok thank you for your honesty.


Grandpa Viv - August 9

My opinion differs. The egg is only good for one day after ovulation, which was ten days before your encounter. The father is the guy you were with the first week of December. Stop worrying!


Shyzen09 - January 17

i have a question, if my lmp was october 1, 2010 and my ovulation days was from oct 11-21 and i had sevrel s_xual partners in tht period of time, nd my due date is july 8,2011 and i found out im 2months pregnant nov.26 2010; wat day did i get pregnant?


cecelia003 - March 7

is anybody due oct 20 2012??? if so when did u conceive?? my cylce is so messed up i really dont have periods??


Grandpa Viv - March 14

Shyzen, that is too close to call. You probably ovulated Oct 15, and the guy with whom you had unprotected s_x closest before that has a greater chance of being the father. I think you can rule out Oct 21st. GL! Cecilia, a due date Oct 20 corresponds with ovulation Fri Jan 27. You can rule out anything past that weekend, but not anything the week of Jan 22. Hope that helps.


gsjte2012 - May 23

So my due date is June 15th 2012, and I dont know when my last period started or ended, i have always had irregular periods, and i had unprotected s_x about the 13th or 14th of september, and then again with someone else on the 17th of september almost everyday since then. Im trying to figure out when i concieved?? and who is most likely the dad?? please help to answer my question?


Grandpa Viv - May 24

Thgsjte, that due date corresponds to ovulation Sept 23. a__suming your ultrasound was in the first trimester, that makes it far more likely that Somone Else on September 17th is the father. Sept 14th sperm would not have lasted that long. If anything, I might guess that your due date is a few days earlier than quoted, and the baby on the small side.



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