When Exactly Did I Get Pregnant HELP

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Gennifer - December 22

I started my period on August 1st 2004, I stopped on the 6-7. I had s_x (with my ex) on the 8th but he didn't do anything inside me. I then had s_x with my current boyfriend on the 13,14,15,and 16th and he came inside everytime. I just need peace of mind!!! Help


ashley - January 4

when did i get prenant?


courtney - September 27

you had to get pregnant 14 days before your next period so count the day your period would had started sept1 and . 14 days before sept 1.


Kim - October 6

To Courtney, That is not always true. I got my period on the 20th of August and conceived on the 26th of august! When I talked to my doctor, he said that it is absolutely possible!


k - October 10

Yeah, it really depends how long your cycles are, as to when you ovulate. Typically it 14 days before the next period, however this is in a 28 day cycle with a 14 day luetal phase. So if you have kept track of how many days between each period-this will help in determining when you ovulated and who the father is.


anonymous - October 22

i had my period on march 1, 2005 and then again on march 27, 2005. i had s_x with my boyfriend during the days of april 8th-13th and the rest of april too. but the thing is i slept with someone else on april 16th and not my boyfriend. i dont know if he did something in me or not but i took a pregnancy test at the end of the month and it was postive. i had my first ultrasound on june 8 and i was 10weeks and 4days and the second ultrasound on august 4 and i was 18weeks and 4days. im due january 1st or january 3rd. can someone please help me. didi i get pregnant for my boyfriend or did i get pregnant when i slept with the other guy on april 16.


hmmmm - October 26

i'm am in the same boat. Even your time frames of when you slept with who-and my doctor told me that it is almost impossible to concieve during or immediately after your period.(if you are regular).


kitty - November 17

hey there :-( i know who you feel im 17 weeks and im due on the 29th of apirl.i had s_x with someone els on the 22nd of july then got my period 23rd next day of july.i went for a scan on the 29th of august and they said i was 5 weeks and 4 days .im now back with my parnter and so dont want my baby to be with anyone but him .my doctor told me you cant get preg's 1 day before your mp ???????? someone help me :-( i know how you both feel



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