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zoe1 - December 3

My live in girlfriend slept with me around the end of the first week or beginning of the 2nd week of October. She then had an early and short period. She then slept with another man. The doctor told her her conception date was Oct. 15 but is unsure who could be the father. She slept with him after Oct. 15 but the doctor told her it is + - 2 weeks so it could be either. Could anyone help with the answer of who is the father. Thank you.


sandy18 - December 4

Well when was her ultrasound and how far along was she when had it, also if she had an early , short and also LIGHT period it could have been implantation bleeding (do you know when that was?) If you tell me this info we can take an educated guess


zoe1 - December 4

She told me her ultrasound was Nov 28 and they told her she was 6 weeks and 3 days and her conception date was Oct 15. But they also said it could go two weeks either way, which I thought was kind of weird. I do not remember much about the period I just know she is usually the last week of the month, but Oct was very early and I remember commenting that it was very very early. Any help would be great because the sooner I know the sooner I know what to do. Thank You


Rachel29 - December 5

This has to be really hard for you. To be honest though, testing for paternity at this stage would be be very invasive, and not good for either the baby or the mother so you'll probably just have to wait it out. Once the baby is born though you should be able to have testing done very soon after and you'll know for sure if it's yours. I hate to be so vague, but with pregnancy sperm can stay alive in a woman's body for up to about two weeks, so really it's very difficult to know for sure. Good luck to you. I realize that things are very complicated right now, but if I were you, I would try to treat the baby and the mother as if the baby were yours until proven otherwise. I know that's probably much easier said than done. Good luck to you.


Jade Andrews - December 7

If it is really important for you to find out who the biological father is, i suggest you do a home or legal paternity test once the child is born. I would not suggest doing prenatal paternity testing due to the risk it carries. Until then, you should probably think about how the results may affect you and how you plan on handling the worst case scenario to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. A friend of mine, in a similar situation as yours, bought a HOME paternity test from consumer genetics, inc. They were fairly fast and affordable. There are other places out there as Paternity testing has become popular. I wish you the best.


kay101 - December 10

If your girlfriend was measuring 6 weeks and 3 days on Nov. 28th then she more than likely concieved at the END of October, not during the middle.



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