Whos My Babys Daddy

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Sheena - May 5

The Dr. says my due date is july 31 2005.I had s_x with 3 diffrent guys one on the week of the 12 on october another on the day of 22of october and the 1 to the 11 of november and i stared my period on the 20 and ended on the 23 or 24. So please i really really need your help.thank you.


Dore - May 10

You need some serious help in keepin your legs closed


Stop having SEX - May 11

Stop having s_x! Get married and ONLY sleep with your husband! Then you'll know for sure who the daddy is!


Elizabeth - May 12

Personally I think this is the most pathetic question. Its so sad that you really dont have a clue. I totally agree with the other two posts on here. I wonder about you putting your name on here.. I sure wouldnt want to admit to being that easy.


Holy Cow - May 12

I really hope you didn't release 2 eggs. Twins by 2 different fathers. Wouldn't that be something. Sperm can live for up to 5 days inside you. Your guess is as good as anyone's. Ha ha Halarious. get a paternity test after birth.... and then go on Maury Pauvich....


Amber K - May 14

WOW! thats a tough one.. look at it this way.. got any favorites? lol seems to me you can just pick the daddy you like best.. I do however think maybe you should work up enough nerve to tell these guys that you are pregnant and they could possibly be the father.. let them get used to the idea for a little while. So when you have the paternity test done (and I hope you do for the sake of your child) it won't come as a complete shock to the real father and maybe he'll stick around. 'Cause if I am right about this situation they were all "one night stands" for you so you probablly were for them as well.. A guy needs some time to get used to these things a baby is a big responsibility that will become your life for the next 20 FOREVERS! good luck


Me - May 31

Blaine shut up how you know she's not rich, it could happen to rich people to.


Blaine - June 4

He'll no I'm a tax payer let that dumb ho get on the Maury Povich show so they can pay for the test


**l** - June 6

More than likely it's the person you had s_x with the latest if you had a period.


YoungLady - June 7

OMG!! This is some Maury Show c___p here LOL!! I doubt if it's true because she has not posted anything since then. I think she posted that statement, just to get some attention and drama going in here. And it worked too, look at all us taking you serious. But if it’s true, she should be ashamed and have more respect about her self. Its women like her, who gives good women a bad name. You sleeping around with many men and don't know who the father is! Good Lord. Thank God I know who my baby daddy is!! And we been together for 16 years and we had all our kids together.


Miss Thang - June 7

Right on Young Lady! Don't ya hate having to prove that your a good women b/c of dumb girls like this?


n/a - June 9

can a guy get u pregnant when he had a condom on and he bearly went in you and it tored


Amber Pangborn (Williams) - June 10

I am a child support specialist, the only thing i would suggest is to look at a pregnancy wheel that the doctor has and it has an approximate week and than go for that possible father first. Here in california the dept of child support will pay for the paternity test and then if he is dad we will start a case for child support if he isn't the dad we will close the case and have you give us a new name and try to establish paternity for that child. I know right now it is probably hard and imbara__sing for you but this is how we learn. Hang in there and ignore some of the comments in here, they aren't being helpful they are just being hurtful.



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