Whose The Dad To My Baby

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charmy - January 15

if i have s_x with this guy on sept 13th and s_x with hubby on sept 16th who is the dad???...pls help


MNMOM - January 26

Better questions is why are you cheating on your husband to begin with?


TTC#[email protected] - January 26

Pretty much hard to tell since sperm can live for up to 72 hours.


CarmenFreel - January 26

does your hubby know that there could be a possibility that the baby is some one elses? Also the doctors need to know because of the possibility of RH- and things like that. If it indeed is the other mans they will need his family history to make sure you have a safe pregnancy.


amya - January 28

Posts like this crack me up! I just cant belive that you are asking people "who's the father".........I mean if you stayed true to your husband and the marriage vows that YOU took....... um that would'nt be a question...... and to think some women attack men for cheating......when in reality SOME women are just as bad.


momma3tobe - January 28

*shakes head* You won't be able to tell that one for sure until after the baby is born and DNA is availible for testing.


charmy - January 29

by the way my husband know's about what's going on and we are %100 sure the baby is hubby's because the guy can't have kid's...


jendean00 - January 29

If you are 100% sure, why did you t_tle your post " Whose the dad to my baby" ??


lailadab - January 29

I really don't think you are ready to be a mom if this is a lifestyle ok with both of you !!!!! how can you have s_x with "this guy " and 3 days later with "hubby" and be so casual about it .... what's wrong with this WORLD


lailadab - January 29



lailadab - January 29

you know what : it really isn't that hard to have s_x with every guy that crosses ur path... what's really hard and respectable is to stick to ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


raeshawn - January 29

Hey Charmy , people can be so judgemental. I'm not sure what the circ_mstances are in your situation but I hope it works out for the best. The only real way to know for sure is to have a DNA test done. Good luck!


charmy - January 29

If you girl's can't answer a Q in a nice way don't bother answering it at all..... thank you raeshawn.. why can't ppl be lke you on this site..


jendean00 - January 29

Personally I think you brought it on yourself. You did post your question not once but 5 or 6 different ways with the same underlying question "Whose is the dad to your baby". Honestly how did you think people would respond? Then after 6 different threads you say you are a 100% sure your husband is the daddy, then why all the threads??


charmy - January 29

I wasn't sure who the dad was at that stage and i didn't know how to explain it.. ..and where it say's whose the dad to my baby.. im not sure how to change it to somethink else...so that's why it's still there...btw didn't i say if you can't say's anythink nice don't bother saying anythink at all ...and jendean00 i put the other one in befor i knew who the dad was


CarmenFreel - January 30

You know what charmy I think you need harshness. I don't think you need ppl to smooth it over for you and make you feel like this is okay (if it is really true). It sounds like to me you need some counseling before this baby is born so that this poor little innocent baby isn't subject to all of these "games" that it's mother or parents for that matter happen to be involved in. I'm sorry if you think that all of this is "Judgemental" or "not nice" but the sad fact is, is that its the truth!


charmy - January 30

As a matter of facked I am not playing any game's i just needed some date's and stuff like that...all you girl's have made it in to some big thing like im a bad mother and shouldn't have kid's... well i have a son allready and im not a bad mum..so think befor you rite stuff about me ok.....btw hubby know's about all this now so why don't you all just drop it ok....



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