Whose The Dad To My Baby

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DownbutnotOUT - February 27

I didnt know that was possible, I thought you had to wait till the baby is born before you can do a DNA test????


moescrilla - February 27

I heard you can, (I guess like when you do amnio maybe, although I'm not sure) but theres a risk of miscarriage. So, why wouldnt you just wait until the baby is born, you know??? I was just wondering why before, she had said she knew 100 percent it was her husbands because the other guy couldnt have kids- so why get a dna test???


pinkbo0tlace - February 28

Okay. Just my imput. Everyone who responded "OMG YOU CHEATED!!" blah, blah, blah... You know what?, You all have your right to an opinion, understandable. We all will. However, This site pregnancy-info.net was created for us to help and support PREGNANT women. Yes, that's right...PREGNANT woman! No matter what happend. Raped,Planned,Cheated,Oops, etc.. HOW is not what we need to worry about, but it's sticking together as woman uniting and really supporting eachother through our pregnancies and afterword. Don't ever point a finger at somebody, because there is always three pointing back at you. We all have skeletons in our closet, and we have all made at least ONE big mistake in our lifetime, or will. ***lailadab*** The reason why she admitted to people was because she was only being honest and telling she slept with two different men. Saying something like "I hope your daughter isn't anything like you", do you know charmy personally? Really, do you? Because if you don't, don't try to make a wise a__s move like that because you only look like a fool. You all look like fools for jumping on the bandwagon and juding somebody you don't know. Charmy, as far as what I have read...stop posting about this, because according to what I have read you have already posted and it's just getting worse and the people are sick of it and it will only make more selfish debate, nobody will be able to tell without a DNA test. It's time we stop being so dang judgemental and support eachother, no matter the details on how the child was created :)


pinkbo0tlace - February 28

Sorry for the typeo, i'm dead tired! going to bed! goodnight all you beautiful ladies!


moescrilla - February 28

pink- I for one will not "band together" with a woman with her kind of morals, and thats my personal belief. Anyway - she's already said she had a dna test and its her husbands, she wrote that in here actually (she has 1.5 million topics on the subject) And she isnt posting anymore about it. Most of these (if not all) are from January.


Mom of 2 - March 1

When was your due date?


purplepenguin - March 15

why are you asking who the father is if you are 100% sure that the other guy can have kids. Go back to school and learn proper maths.


HeavenisMine - March 28

I eat spam for lunch! Sorry I just had to say that....blame it on the pregnancy! Hormones and stuff...


missty3 - January 25

So who was the baby's daddy???



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