14 Weeks After Miscarriage And Still No Period

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Nat - January 23

I had suffered a mc after 8 weeks on the 9th November. I had a scan week later to make sure that everything was cleared naturally, and it was. The doctor said providing I felt ok I could start trying again when I was up to it. It's now bee 14 weeks and I still haven't had a period, i've done a pregnancy test and was disheartened to find that I stll am not pregnant. Has anyone had to wait so long after a miscarriage for your cycle to get back to normal? I've seen the doctor and she said theres nothing to worry about, but I can't help it. Looking for some comfort & hope!!!


Kara - January 23

My doctor said to call if I hadn't had a period by 8wks and she would get it going for me. Mine did finally start so I'm not sure what she would have given me. But I have heard of getting a progesterone shot to get things going again. It has something to do with the body reacting to the falling progesterone level. I would call your doctor and ask him it there is something he can give you to "kick-start" your cycle, since you are anxious to try again. Good luck!


Kim - January 23

Hi Nat: I'm so sorry about what you've been through. Miscarriage is awful, and when your cycle doesn't get back on track it feels even worse. 14 weeks is MUCH too long for a period to not have resumed, and I would strongly suggest that you find a new doctor. Many doctors say 4-6 weeks after miscarriage your period should come again, and if it doesn't start on its own after 8 weeks, they will give you some medication to bring it on. Good luck to you, I hope you get some answers soon! xxoo


Kim - January 23

I just did some math. :-) If your miscarriage was on November 9th, then it's been not quite 11 weeks, not 14. But I still think that sounds fishy and would consult with another doctor.


Ashley - January 23

This is what my dr told me. She said it's typical and most common to resume your cycle between 4-6wks. But all the way to 12wks is still considered normal. She said if it's been more than 3months then to call and they'd have me come in and they'd give me something to hurry it along. I have alot of faith in her she's really great. But every dr has a different opinion it seems. So I wouldn't worry too much. At least you know your hcg levels are down all the way since you had a -test. Good luck toyou. Waiting really sucks huh?


Nat - January 24

Thanks all. Yeah your right it's actually been 11 weeks not 14. I think it's time I went to the doctors again as the waiting is soul destroying. Did any of you get pregnant right away?


Kim - January 24

Hi Nat: I agree with you wholeheartedly that the waiting is just awful! I got pregnant on the third cycle following my miscarriage. Then I miscarried again in November at 9 weeks. I got my period at the end of December and will be testing with a hpt at the end of this week. I hope I got lucky!



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