16 Week Miscarriage

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wanita1506 - August 6

I recently came home from vacation and lost the baby. I was almost 17 weeks. I have older children and this was an unplanned pregnancy so poeple seem to think that makes it ok. I found out I had a really bad bladder infection that was attacking the pregnancy after I had lost the baby. I keep thinking I should have seen the signs I had the same infection with my daughter but the doctor even missed it. I am really struggling with losing the baby. I know in my mind it was not my fault but my heart is not so sure. I conceived this baby while br___tfeeding and on the pill so we had called her the miracle baby. Even the doctor said it seems almost cruel. My husband keeps saying to be thankful for the kids we have but I can't help feeling empty. I was already feeling the baby move and was getting the baby stuff ready. It hasn't even been a week but I feel helpless and already people are asking if my husband is going to go forward with getting fixed. I want to stranggle them. Any suggestions on how to deal with the grief?


leah86 - August 9

i know how empty your feeling.i had a medical termination at 20wks.we found out my baby boy had a large cyst in the brain and it grown a lot in the week i was being moniterd.the specialist confirmed he would be v handicap.I'm heart broken.i had to give birth and held a small funeral for him.its so unfair isn't it.we were trying 4 almost 2 years.i have a 7 yr old,I'm 23 and my triple test was v low risk I'm still waiting for results.I'm hoping the outcome is that there will b no problems in trying again..I'm desperate for a child but i will never 4get my baby Luke.u didn't mention if you would try again.people tell me times a healer but i think it will be a long time b4 we stop grieving.i know I've babbled but i had to vent a bit..sorry.good luck in the future.Leah



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