17weeks And Placenta Problems Induction Next Week

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Kira_lynn - July 10

Hi, I thought i'd gotten away from this board for good after i hit the 14week mark. Not the case. I found out on Friday that my IPS came back with a high AFP reading, I had a subcrohnic bleed and the doc thought that it caused the high reading. I had the u/s today and found out the horrible news. It seems that the placenta is not functioning properly and that the baby isnt getting very much blood and only the brain and heart are functioning. The placenta should be oval and of liver consistency and mine is mishapen and patchy. The outcome is irreversible and that this pregnancy will end in fetal demise. We have chosen to be induced next week, becuase i had a m/c at 13weeks last time (baby didnt grow past 5weeks-but placenta did) and it was horribly painful. My doctor says that it isnt a genetic disorder, or my fault. It just happened. I will have more blood work done at the induction and will give the baby/placenta to them to study. I am happy that i had the IPS screening done and found out earlier that there was something wrong. We will be waiting 9months till we try again. I also did have a subcrohnic bleed the whole pregnancy, which has been linked to the placenta problem (rare). We're really upset because we made it so far, but we are both really strong people and im still young (21) and i know next time will be better.


deltabwa - July 10

Kira - I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain and loss you are feeling. Your att_tude is amazing at this point and my prayers are with you and yours.


Tara S - July 10

Kira, I am so sorry! I was induced at just under 19 weeks in Nov 2005 after suffering a miscarriage in june 2005 at 12 weeks, 2 losses in 2005 that were completely unrelated. You are still very young and you have positive att_tude, Im just so sorry that you have to experience so much. Lots of prayers for you and your family.


Kira_lynn - July 10

Can i ask what the induction was like?


littleangel - July 12

Kira-lynn, i am SO sorry for your loss, you sound really strong and are able to cope with this together, i had to be induced when i loss my dd at 22wks stillbirth 11.01.06, i don't no what your hospitals are like but mine are NHS and they inserted 3 tablets in to my v____a to start me off in labour then i had 3 lots of injections to help me move on every 4hrs, i was given injected with pain killers as the pain is worse then having your AF (sorry tmi), i was in labour for 10hrs then gave birth, i hope you don't have to go through this much and my prayers are with you, be strong, take care :) (((((hugs))))


Tara S - July 14

Kira lynn, I was induced by the drug cytotec inserted v____ally. It was hard, but I didn't cry much because there was nothing I could do to save my baby. i had prepared myself mentally and met with a grief counsellor beforehand. I had contractions, but nothing like what I had when I was in labour with my two healthy kids and pushing was very easy compared to having a larger baby. My daughter had pa__sed during delivery and we dressed her and took pictures. Its not easy, but I wanted to make it as special as I could for my sweet baby girl. Best wishes!



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